My parents got me a new 24″ LCD Monitor for my bday back in October and it’s a BenQ V2400W. The nice thing about this LCD monitor is that it has a HDMI input and 2 DVI inputs which means, I can connect my ps3 to this monitor. My experience so far has been really great and so happy with this monitor ^^. More pictures under the cut ^^.


There are still some plastic covers on the back that I haven’t taken them off yet ^^;;


2 DVI inputs and 1 HDMI which connected to my ps3 so I can just switch input around between my pc and my ps3. Since it has a max of 1920x 1200 resolution, I can play games at 1080p if the games are capable of it.



Me playing Eternal Sonata at 720p resolution


I sold my 19″ monitor(the left one) in my previous setup. It had served me well for almost 2 years ^^.