What an awesome episode this week and I just couldn’t believe that I re-watched this episode 4 times already ^^;;. I guess I just love this episode little bit too much than the others 🙂 and while watching this episode, I was thinking which girl is my favorite. I had a hard time choosing between Rimi and Kozupi. Yua is out of the question since I really don’t like her and she annoys me greatly. Among the two, I guess my vote goes for Rimi ^^. As usual, be aware of chance of spoilers before you proceed this episode summary as I don’t guarantee that there will be no spoiler at all.


At school, Kozupi tried her best to persuade Takumi to join their group to infiltrate Nozomi Corp and destroy the source of recent disturbances. Crying is Kozupi’s best weapon to persuada Takumi to join ^^;;.


Chief Ban and his assistant, Suwa, seemed to be investigating the weird occurences around the area further although I think he seems to know to know too much already. Guess what usually happens to people who know too much…… Yep, he will die soon ^^;;.


At some other place, Shogun and Rimi were seen together. What are their relationships ? how do they know each other? are they friends or foes ? There are still many questions yet to be answered.


Gigalomaniax trio gets into Nozomi Corp. easily thanks to D-sword which enables to disguise as some of the executives. After some searching around the building, they finally found  Noah II, a machine which can replicate Gigalomaniax’s ability.


Of course, they are not getting away that easily since Norose, president of Nozomi Tech, were waiting for them. The next scenes are purely sword-slashing between Norose and Kozupi + Sena + Ayase while Takumi was doing nothing most of the time ^^;



Ayase to the rescue!!!



Sena: Takumi is mine!!!!
Kozupi: NO!!!, he is mine!!!!





Rimi knows Shogun ? wow what in the world is going on. I totally didn’t expect this at all. Rimi seemed to be too calm during the earthquake because she knows what’s going on but didn’t expect her to know Shogun. I wonder who is the mystery girl at the end of the episode but from the frog keychain thingy, it should be obvious who she is. I enjoyed this episode a lot and it’s the reason I watched it 4 times already ^^;;. The fight scenes between gigalomaniax and Norose are just awesome.

I just thought up an interesting poll. Real Booter versus Mangekyou Sharingan. Which one is more powerful ? Feel free to comment and give your reasons as of why one is powerful than the other ^^.

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