TMI (Too Much Information) would be a perfect description for this episode and no doubt it’s a great episode. everything is revealed as far as what exactly is happening. As a result, not much of summary for this episode as I don’t want to spoil anything but I guarantee that you will enjoy this episode. I got so excited watching this episode and the preview for next episode is just awesome.


The suddent earthquake was quite a shocked for most people with some exceptions and not only that, random riots occurred on every part of the city. Regardless of what’s going, all Takumi worried about was his game. His computer got red screen of death (RSOD instead of BSOD).


Meanwhile at Seimei high school, Ayase was murturing some random words at school roof top.


Takumi and Sena are meant to be with each other since they bump into each other all the time.


Nanami came to visit her brother to tell him about the earthquake from earlier and she got too excited.


Random riots were happening around Tokyo area


Today is not Takumi’s day at all as he bumped into some thugs and got beaten up really bad. Luckily, Kozue-chan happened to be nearby and helped him out…. or so he thought.


The one question that every man wants to ask a girl: ‘Tell me your three sizes ?’


Kozue also has a D-sword with different form than Sena or Ayase.


Coincidentally, Kozue is a friend of Sena and Sena is one of Kozue’s first friend. Among the girls, Sena is the most knowledgable one about the situation.


A construction vehicle was running rampage in the middle of Tokyo ^^;;.


Sena and Kozue can materialize their D-sword in an instant (Mai Otome ?)



Three of them suddenly become friends… sudden BFF ^^ (Best Friend Forever for those who don’t know what it stands for)




The producer or creator decided to drop the bomb in this episode. Most of your questions will be answered in this episode and a lot of explanation about Takumi’s ability, D-sword and the girls’ identity so I think this episode would be worth your while. I know it’s a long wait from episode and the pace has been really slow but wait no more because this episode and next episode should make you wanting more and more Chaos; Head ^^.

I keep my finger crossed and hope that either GSC, Alter or Max Factore produces figures from this series one day…… T.T