Weird things actually happened in this episode. could this mean the story finally picks up? Not to mention I got to see Sena-san in action for the first time ^^. The title, Embracement, is perfectly fit for this episode and I believe it described Rimi’s caring for Takumi that already started since the last episode. Well…. more about this episode after the cut ^^.


Taku’s mind is boggling with many things due to weird incidents happened to mind. He tried to figure it out or to make sense what exactly happened to him and how he may have the power to turn a delusion into a reality. He illustrated really well with bunch of pictures. It kinda reminds of Haruka’s drawing (Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu).


Takumi ran away in scared everytime he saw Yua at school and he is really scared of Yua as if she is going to kill him or something. So far, Yua is probably my least favorite character and I hope she is one of antagonist so I have a reason to hate her ^^;;.


Taku has nothing to worry because Rimi is always there for him. He is such a lucky guy ^^;;.


She even walked him back to his place and stayed for a bit. Every man’s dream to have a girl over at his place. A dream comes true for Takumi.


Takumi’s delusion is running wildly at this point and so does the rest of normal guy out there including me ^^;;.


It’s hard for Takumi not to look around. Having this kind of power sure does come in handy. Anyone would like to have a similar ability as Takumi ?



Daydreaming is over and Takumi is back to reality. Tooooooo baaaaaddd for him.


Meanwhile, there seems to be some sort of gathering at a park and Sena, eating ice cream as usual, happens to be the park. She has this serious look and as if something is going to happen really soon.


Her sword changes its colour and it’s visible to everyone.


This scene is probably the highlight of this episode. I couldn’t help but watch it for several times. Sena is just too cool. I need her figure for my collection XD.


The guy got so scared and wet his pants


A mystery phone call for Takumi….. could it be from Shogun ?


Something big is happening at Shibuya.


Rimi does not seem to be in panic at all which is weird unless she knows what it is going on.


Ayase goes crazy


Nanami got scared and called his brother’s name.


Yua passed out ?


Sena does not seem to be affected and she is way too calm like Rimi.




Not a bad episode and there is a bit of action in it. Sena is just ftw with her sword. I think the girls are just way too calm considering what is happening. They may already know what is going on and what may happen. Does Takumi really have the power to turn a delusion into a reality ? he seems to be having delusions a lot and it looks so real. I honestly can’t wait until figures from chaos; head are released because  I will be getting all of them ^^ for sure.