Well.. I was hoping for more actions ( sword plays etc ) but I guess I have to hold back my thought until future episodes ^^;;. A couple puzzle pieces are being put together in this episode but it still may not answer your questions yet. Stop reading further if you don’t want to have a chance to get spoiled ^^.



After what happened in the last episode with Rimi, Takumi suddenly dreams about her until Seiran-tan wakes him up because it’s time for school. Despite the mysterious death incidents, the phrase ‘Those eyes, whose eyes are those?’ is even more popular than ever and a T-shirt with those words written on it is being sold around.


Meanwhile, at school, the new transfer student, Orihara Kozue (Yes, we finally know her first name XD) gave Takumi a bandage as a gift as she was crying…..weird.


On his way home, Takumi is pretty unlucky to bump into Sena but fortunately enough, he manages to hide before she spotted him. However, despite his effort, Sena lured him into an empty cart and started her lecture about some complicated stuff ^^;;


Yua has not given up on Takumi yet and still tries to ‘help’ him. Her misunderstanding seems to go even further. To make matter even worse, she reported to a nearby police and Takumi is chased down by the police + many other people (zombies ?). But no worries, Ayase comes to the rescue.



If I may rant, the pace is just too slooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and it really bugs me; I need more actions ^^;;. I am not sure if it’s the producer/creator’s intention to let story going at a slow pace in order to draw more viewers but I don’t get the same vibes/excitement as I got from Code Geass R2 (the feeling excitement of looking forward to every episode). Don’t get me wrong though, it does not mean that I don’t enjoy the series because I do ^^. The dark theme + otaku main character are the major points that draws me into this series. The manga is available at and it’s going at faster pace 1 chapter = 2 episodes.


Since we are up to episode 5, are you still planning to continue watching the series ?

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