I just finished watching Chaos; Head ep. 4 ^_^. It’s a pretty good episode just because the story is finally moving on and I got a lot of better idea of what’s going on…. somewhat…….. I hate to admit but I am still clueless on some parts of the story. The last girl character is introduced in this episode and hopefully on the next episode, the story pace should be much faster. If you don’t want to have a chance for spoiler, stop reading this article further.


“Those eyes, Whose eyes are those?” from the previous New Gene case has become a trend among people especially high school students, however, for Taku, it has the opposite effect as he is even more frightened than before.


On his way home from the Internet cafe, he coincidentally met with the blue-haired girl again and he got busted for staring at her for too long. Well…. a girl with a huge sword will attract anyone’s attention..


Her name is Aoi Sena, a 3rd year student at the same school school as Taku. Despite previous terrible halucination, this time, Taku seems to be enjoying Aoi’s torture method as most healthy male would ^^.


The PHANTASM lead singer, FES, turns out to be a student from the same school as Taku. Her real name is Kishimoto Ayase and she seems to be interested in Takumi and told him to find the sword in order to be saved.


After school, Taku went to pick-up his Seiran-tan’s Awakened Ver. figure and couldn’t wait to go home to admire every inch of the paint job on the PVC.


“Judgement will be passed onto this town.” This mysterious guy always appears on every episode so far.


Taku is probably the unluckiest guy ever. On his way home, he got stopped by the police and was suspected to be involved in the New Gene cases and when he told them what happened, they didn’t take him seriously. Poor guy ^^;;.


Taku can’t never enjoy his figure since Rimi is always there and bugging him.


Do you guys do this when ever you get a new figure ? ^^;;


First harem situation in Chaos; Head ^^


We-key Pedophira has answers to everything. I am interested in how they came with the name ^^;;


The legendary Di-Sword is sold at Otaku shops for $10,000 and the buyer will receive a bracelet as a gift.


A very important lesson from this episode is not to take the last icecream bar from Aoi.


“Give me my ice cream or else”


Taku should be grateful for having such a caring sister but instead, he told her to get out and leave ^^;;


Taku got beaten with oranges.


And his newly bought D-sword was broken into two pieces. Bootleg quality is not as good as the original one I guess.


Next day at school, a new transfer student named Orihara was introduced in Taku’s class. Including her, there are  6 girls who are related to Taku’s on one way or the other if you check the OP.


My name is Shogun