Chaos; Head Episode 2

It was pretty tiring week for me due to Thanksgiving holiday last monday so all works piled up at work. Pulling up some long hours and each day seemed to be gone a lot faster for some reasons; I never have enough time to do everything ^^;;

However, thanks to Thanksgiving holiday, last week was pretty short (4 work days ) ^^ and weekend seemed to come really fast ^^. I don’t have anything plan for weekend either than just relaxing at home, catching up with my anime and playing my newly bought PS3. If I have a chance, I probably do photo shoot sessions with my new figure arrived 2 weeks ago.

Anyways, I don’t want to bore you guys with my real life crap so lets move on to Chaos;Head episode 2 which I just finished watching. As usual, if you don’t want to have a chance to be spoiled with the plot ( I’ll do my best no to but no guarantee ^^;;), please stop reading at this point, otherwise, well…. you know what to do ^^.

Chaos; Head Episode 2

Taku was really surprised to find out that the girl he saw few nights ago is infact his classmate. He couldn’t recall at all as of why he friends with the pink-haired girl named Rimi. His friend, Misumi, seems to know her too and three of them were childhood friends.


It’s just funny how they use slightly different product brand than the original one ^^.

Facing this weird incidents, Taku’s almost gone crazy but Seiran-tan is always there to console her. Afterward, he is surprised by a sudden visit from his classmate, Rimi who seems to know him well about his collection of figures but Taku tells to go home and leave him alone.


Meanwhile, police is in the process of investigating the New-Gene incidents. Chief Ban and his assistant, Swa, managed to acquire a security video tape and narrow down the suspect to be a high school boy.


Not only Rimi came to visit, his new friend, Yua who seems to be interested in Seiran and figures, also comes to visit to ask Taku to go with her reserving Seiran-chan figurine since Taku promised to go with her. 2 girls’ visit in one day, Taku is certainly getting famous ^^.


On their way to reserve Seiran’s figurine, they bump into Taku’s sister, Nanami. Seeing her brother outside his room probably surprises her enough but walking with a girl is really shocking ^^.


Yua seems to be highly interested in Taku and she even asked him for his email address. In the morning, she also walks with him to school and home. Despite of all her nice gestures, Taku still does not trust her and keep asking to himself the same question: Why?.


While on their way home, Taku noticed Gero frogs on her bag similar to the one he saw back at the internet cafe. Yua suddenly drops her back and the insides are scattered on the floor. Taku sees the bunch of articles about the murder that happened few nights ago and looks like Yua investigating this matter.


Taku is being interrogated about the New Gene case and based on her investigation, Yua claims that Taku possessed a special power.


More screenshots below.

The story didn’t progress as quick as I want it to be and to be honest it’s really slow. I was hoping to see some explanations of what happened at the murder scene and why Rimi was there but I got nothing from this episode. We’ll what will happen in episode 3. From what I gather in the preview, there will be a new character introduced.