Image via Gelbooru

It really amazes me how people can come with unique(re: silly) product ideas related to gaming(re: WOW) in general these days and I happened to be one who bought the product as part of my collectibles.


I believe Rin showed me this product through someone’s blog. I couldn’t remember the blog address ^^;; and my friend thought of getting tshirt from Think Geek so without further hesitation, I told him to get me those mana potions ^^.


The suplement facts don’t make any sense at all and not sure if it’s true or not. Regardless which one, I am not going to drink it >.>. If anyone interested in getting these, you can get it at Think Geek or its official website.


Saber seems to be enjoying the mana potion ^^


If they have the commercial for this, it would be even more hilarious like the one with healing potion from FFXII.

So a question for my readers, do you ever buy weird/unique products like this before ? if yes, what is it ? ^^