Chaos;Head is an anime adaptation from a visual novel with the same title which was released back on March this year. Chaos;Head is originally created by Nitro+ and 5pb. As you may already know that Nitro+ is also the creator of Blassreiter, a current ongoing anime series which started in Spring 2008 and Demonbane (Hint: Al Azif ^^). On the other hand, for 5pb, this would be their first creation since it was founded back in 2005. Despite of being a newcomer in anime industry, they proved themselves in their work in AyakashiMyself Yourself and Kanokon. Between those three, I like Myself Yourself the best in term of story line. Kanokon has too much fan service and I haven’t watched Ayakashi so not sure what it is about.

I found out about Chaos;Head from random browsing and the artworks really catch my eyes  since I love how the main girl character, Rimi Sakihata, is drawn. Love at first sight I guess ^^;;. After some further research, I found out that original characters were designed by Mutsumi Sasaki who is also the character designer of Futakoi and Happy Lesson series. I never watched Futakoi but I sure love Happy Lesson series and the characters’ design which explains why I am easily drawn in by Rimi Sakihata.

Eri Kitamura (source: myanimelist)

The two main characters in the anime are voiced by the same seiyuu/VA as the ones in the visual novel game. Rimi Sakihata is voiced by Eri Kitamura (Saya|Blood+, Ami|Toragura, Natsuki| Ga-Rei Zero, Rin|Kodomo no Jinkan) while Takumi Nishijō (Allelujah|Gundam OO, Kai|Blood+, Treize|Allison and Lillia) is voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino. Seiyuu quality wise, I don’t think we should worry about them since they both a lot of experiences under their belts ^^.

Source: Google

Opening song, “F.D.D”,  is sung by Kanako Ito . I’ve never heard of her but she must be quite well-known in Japan at least since she has her own website. Later on, I found out she is the singer of Blassreiter ED 2: A Wish for the Star, Myself Yourself ED and many other anime OPs and EDs.  Meanwhile, the ending song, “Super Special”, is sung by Seira Kagami who is another unknown singer for me. Anyone familiar with those two singers ? ^^. The opening song is quite catchy as I have been listening for numerous times already ^^;;


Source : Google

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