Noob Party

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A couple friends of mine organized a gaming party last night, although, it’s more like just people gathering together and have fun ^^. The theme for this gaming party is N00b Party and if you don’t know what noob is, Google is your friend ^^. In addition to gaming, there are also food and drinks available for us to buy and the best thing is that all the food is Indonesian food and $1 Starbucks coffee ^^ (Best pricing ever for a Starbucks coffee).


Image via facebook

I arrived there with my roommate and 2 friends around 5 pm. The gaming had not started yet so we were just chilling for a bit and got some food. There were quite a few people there and 1-2 hours later we had around 80ish people but not all of them participate participated in the gaming events. It would be nice if all of them did to make it even more fun.



I went for Wii Tennis, Soul Calibur IV and WE Pro Evolution 2008. Entry fee was $2 per game so it’s cheap in my opinion which was why I participated in 3 games. There were prizes for the winners but only the 1st place would get the price so 2nd and 3rd place would go home with empty hands ^^;;.


My friend also competed in Wii Tennis and told him to register later so we could only meet in the final or something lol but he had a bad luck because his 1st opponent has the game and was really good so my friend got beaten up pretty badly XD. Meanwhile I got lucky because my opponents were quite easy ,however, my friends’ opponent beat me up in the final ^^;. Couldn’t beat someone who owns the game, I guess and my friends and I only played Wii Tennis for only couple times and we don’t even have Wii. Regardless, not too shabby being in the 2nd place for someone who does not have a Wii.


The other gaming that I competed in was Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 which is a soccer game on PS3. I knew from the start that I would get beaten up pretty badly on the first round because I don’t have a PS3 and I only played Pro Evolution in PS2 before. A lot of people who competed plays this game on daily basis so I had no chance of winning ^^;. This game requires practice so there is no beginner’s luck or anything like that ^^;. I lost 3-1 on the first round but the good side, at least I scored a goal lol.


Lastly, I went for Soul Calibur IV and there were only 8 people in this event so it went pretty quick. I played Soul Calibur II on ps2 so I know the basics and which buttons to press. The setup was a best of 3 so you get to play at least 3 rounds.



Since the first round until the final match, I only used Cassandra because she has been my favorite character in Soul Calibur and has a good speed. I never use male characters in any fighting games for some reasons. Weird, eh ?. All of us in this event were pretty much noobs and we just joined in for the fun.

My first opponent was using Seung Mina and both us only played Soul Calibur II and never play Soul Calibur IV before. I had a speed advantage over Seung Mina despite her long range weapon so I won this round ^^.

My 2nd opponent used Siegfried (Everyone loves to use Siegfried ^^;;) and he knew how to use combos so I was down to 0-2 before finally won 3-2. Luck was still on my side ^^;;.

On the final, my opponent used Siegfried (again) and I won quite easily because she never blocked ^^;;. I got a $30 Best Buy gift card as the price. Not bad at all, eh?.


Big thanks to my friends especially my roommate for staying with me even though she was extremely tired. I felt bad because my friends had to wait for me playing Soul Calibur IV until I finished ^^;;.