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I preordered more figure which will be coming on December 2008 and at this rate I may have to live under a bridge  >.>, although, I consider those figures as Christmas gift for myself and I am really good at spoiling myself ;p. Depending on my budget so I’ll see ^^;;, I may have to cancel some of them or add more lol.

Tears to Tiara

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The lucky figure that was chosen this time is Octavia from Tears to Tiara. Danny made a post about this eroge for PS3 back in June and the game was already out on July 17th but it’s Japan only unfortunately ^^;;. Anyone have this game ? Character design looks amazing and gameplay looks like Final Fantasy Tactics.

Figure Details

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Scale: 1/8

Material: PVC

Series: Tears to Tiara

Released Date: December 2008

Price: 6,460 Yen

The anime version is coming up next year apparently according to ANN.