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I found an unknown figure that captivated my eyes in Danny’s Chara Hobby coverage …. oh wait … actually any figures with a sword makes me falling in love with them ^^;; instantly. Later , I found out that she is Emi Kizaki from Kurogane no Linebarrels (鉄のラインバレル), an upcoming fall anime. It will be aired on October ^^.

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Anime Details

Animation Production : Gonzo
Mecha Designs : Tsutomu Suzuki (ZOE, Big-O)
Character Designs : Hisashi Hirai (Gundam Seed, S-cry-ED)
SeiyuuMamiko Noto (Kotomi Ichinose@Clannad, Enma Ai@Jigoku Shoujo, Toujou Aya@Ichigi 100%), Tetsuya Kakihara,  Jun Fukuyama (Lulu@Code Geass, Mutou Kazuki@Busou Renkin, Kei Takishima@Special A).
TV Station : CBC – TBS
Ending Song : “Ame ga furu” by Maaya Sakamoto

When I watched the trailer , the character design reminded me a lot of Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny and I found out that they were designed by the same person, Hisashi Hirai . Same goes with the mecha design, I knew I saw similar designs before and Tsutome Suzuki, who was involved in ZOE and Big-O,  did the mecha design,hence, it explains the similarity.

The animation quality will most likely be top-notch since it’s Gonzo after all but as most other Gonzo’s titles the mecha is computer-generated. I am not sure about you guys but I prefer everything is hand-drawn; I guess I still like the old way of doing it.  

Seiyuu wise, they got some well known seiyuus in particular, Jun Fukuyama (Lulu in Code Geass) and Mamiko Noto (Kotomi from Clannad) so voice acting quality should be high ^^. I couldn’t find who sings the opening song (If anyone knows, do tell ^^) but the ending song is sung by Maaya Sakomoto, a well known seiyuu and singer. I love most of her songs related to anime series.

Since it’s produced by Gonzo, hopefully it does not follow the usual Gonzo ‘Train Wreck’ Ending trend. This anime is going to be either you love it or you hate it just because it’s produced by Gonzo and there is no middle road or decent in my opinion. For those who have watched EVA or love EVA, you might want to stay away from this anime because I get the feel that it’s an EVA rip off just solely based from watching the trailer and reading the manga. I know I may be wrong but it’s just too EVA-like.



Kurogane no Linebarrels is about a boy named Kōichi Hayase who was a crybaby, weak-looking and a loser basically ,however, one day, he got involved into some kind of accidents which totally changes his life and makes him to become a Factor and can control Linebarrels (A giant robot). 

The manga is available at so go read it if you are interested ^^. First impression I got from reading first 2 volumes of Linebarrels is that it is too EVA / Rahxephon looking ie. a rip off of EVA/Rahxephon. Despite of being one of the main character, Emi Kizaki has a minimal appearance in the manga. I am not sure if it’s going to be the case with the anime version but I sure hope she gets more screening time. She engages with the enemies as a Factor at the end of chapter 19 of the manga so during previous chapters, she just appears once in a while and acts more like a supporting character.

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Kouichi, the main character, is very interesting I must say since I haven’t seen any characters like Kouichi in anime that I watched before so having someone definitely adds more flavours to the series. He won’t hesitate to pick a fight with anyone and thinks highly of himself (give you the feeling of wanting to punch his face sometimes), although, once in a while, he gets beaten to pulp ^^. In addition, his remark of ‘Ally of Justice’ is a similar trait to Shirou Emiya from Fate/Stay Night series. They both want to be a hero to save others.

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It surely didn’t take me long to consider getting the figure or not. A girl with a sword was enough to convince me to get it ^^ so I preordered her at Hobby Search. She reminds me a lot of Lenalee from D.grayman with her black clothing but instead of having ‘Dark Boots’, she uses a sword but the weird thing is that I haven’t seen her holding a sword so far in the manga ^^;;. You can also preorder her at the following stores:

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Figure Details

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/8
Character: Emi Kizaki
Series: Kurogane no Linebarrels
Released: October 2008
Price: 5,510 Yen (Hobby Search)

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