For many figure collecteors in general out there, being able to access English version of a japanese website gives us a lot information about the latest releases in the world of figurines without using an online translator which most of the time is not dependable.

Fellow comrade known as Danny Choo has just released an English version of Good Smile Company website using a latest version of Mirai Gaia platform.  The same platform that he uses on his website Danny has been working with Good Smile Company for quite a while as you can see from his frequent visits at GSC office and a recent article at GSC office.

Danny is also a part of GSC’s International Strategy Team with a mission to make more figures available internationally so for most of us, figure collectors outside Japan, we can expect to being to able to buy figures easily with less shipping cost hopefully ^^. Honestly, I am really excited on what Danny and GSC can do for us in overseas because most of the time, we got screwed in the shipping cost of figures and not to mention border fees ^^;;.

The website is currently on beta stage so bugs and errors can be expected , however, I personally like the overal look of the website and the color scheme that it uses. It runs smoothly. Despite of being similar to in term of colour, the colour scheme of the new GSC english website fits its logo colour which I don’t mind ^^. A lot of features and additional User Interface will be added in the future. I guess for us figure collectors, we couldn’t wait to see a shopping cart and its online ordering section. In addition, Danny is planning to introduce an affiliate scheme in the future for website owners and bloggers. I honestly couldn’t wait to see the growth of the new GSC english website and future additions.

Lastly, I would like congratulate Danny with the launch of the new GSC website using Mirai Gaia and glad to see that his business is growing. Looking forwards for more things from him in the future ^^.