I was looking at my book shelf and saw some old PiQ magazines. Talking to myself: “I haven’t gotten any issues from them for a while hmmm…… maybe they closed down ?”. Low and Behold, I was right. PiQ is no more and thanks for stealing and running away with my money -_-;; (Source: Japanator).

However, they thought that they can run away with my money ? I don’t think so. I paid subscription with VISA so they can expect that I am going to dispute this. More info about how to dispute the charge on your VISA can be found on Les Vesper website.

Their website, PiQ, is no more. It’s blank and empty. I am probably little bit late hearing the news since I was away on a trip back in June/July. If you look in my previous post back in March about PiQ, it’s pretty obvious that they won’t last long. I miss NewType USA with all the goodies >.<

Update: Apparently according to Les-Vesper, PiQ is owned by ADV >.>