I caught up a lot of anime over the weekend and watched Strike Witches, Nogizaka haruka no Himitsu and Zero no Tsukaima – Princess no Rondo. I hadn’t watched Zero no Tsukaima series before so I watched the whole 3 seasons during the weekend. Yep, that’s right couple hours of non-stop laughing and my stomach hurt from laughing too much. I know I should have gone out more and enjoy last bit of summer instead staying at home but whatever ^^.

Strike Witches


I had to admit that when I was watching the trailers, I thought this looked like more of ‘another fan service’ anime with weak plot and even Danny had the same thought according to his latest articles about Strike Witches and how he was glad that he was proven wrong.


Bunch of lolis wear no bottom except pantsu clearly leaded me to think that it’s just another fan service anime although animation wise, I expect nothing less from Gonzo studio and they did a very good job on this one. One thing that I don’t like is how this anime is too similar to Sky Girls in term of plot. The whole idea is about fighting Neuro (aliens) and how the aliens are trying to take over the world is a copy-paste from Sky Girls (3 lolis with mecha fighting aliens).


Some part of the anime that does not make any sense, for example, the need of adding ears and tails on the strike witches every time they are using their power or how the witches fly with plane parts attached to their legs. The setting is in 1939 but the flying equipments are very advanced for that particular time line ^^;;, although, guns and rocket launchers are suitable for that era.


Despite my effort to avoid fan services due to lack of content,  my opinion about Strike Witches was changed after watching couple episodes. Although there are fan services, it is not overdoing it and nicely used as ‘icing on the cake’ on the anime. But then again, the girls wear just pantsu only all the time so if you think that as a fan service, this may not be the kind of anime for you and it does remind me of Agent Aika where it has panty shots every minute.










Lynneth is my favorite. Soooooo moe ^^

Opening and Ending

Watched Episode: 1-6

Plot: Decent although it’s too similar to Sky Girls. Quite a few fan service in it but all the girls are so moe~

Animation: Good. Expect nothing less from Gonzo ^^

Verdict: In my watch list but not something I am looking forward to every week like Code Geass and Macross Frontier.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu


I didn’t read any synopsis or watch previews/trailers so this was more of a random anime watching ^^ and I had no expectation or anything like that. After couple episodes, I am just in love with Haruka. She is so adorable, cute, and moe~ but at the same time, she is also dense, slow and somewhat a klutz ^^. Basically if you watch this anime, you will love her instantly ^^.


Unlike Strike Witches, there is no fan service on this one so for those who don’t like fan service anime, I highly recommend this one and this anime reminds me of Densha Otoko dorama. The story is about a girl named Haruka who has a secret of being an Akiba addict (Akiba Kei 秋葉系). By accident, Yuuto find out about it and since they become best friend (or more).




Pafu Pafu


That’s what you get for being too close to the school number one idol XD



A cat or a bear ?

Playing gachapon for the first time. Conversations may be misleading >.> to viewers and Yuuto


Haruka: “But it’s my…first time.”


Haruka: “It’s my first time looking at it or touching it”


Haruka: “Well… How should I put it “


Haruka: “It’s my first experience”


Yuuto: “First… You’re right, but…”


Haruka is into cosplay too ^^










Opening and Ending

Watched Episode: 1-6

Plot: Very good. I love the story about an Otaku.

Animation: Mediocre

Verdict: Definitely on top of my watch list along with Code geass R2 and Macross Frontier 🙂

Zero no Tsukaima : Princess no Rondo


Optic recommended this one in his comments in Summer Anime catching up part 1. Out of the 3 seasons, I like the first season the most and I have to agree with Optic that season 2 was left hanging at the end and it seemed little bit rush towards the end. I was really laughing my @$$ off when watching the first season and occasionally I had to cover my mouth.


A great way to start the 3rd season ^^;;

The plot is more less the same and it’s a ‘Saving the world’ kinda thing. Seeing Louise reminds me of Shana from Shakugan no Shana. She does say ‘Shut up’ quite often and the fact that they both were voiced by the same seiyuu (Rie Kumigaya) makes it even more similar.



Louise’s specialty ^^




Every character in this series is wondering about her breast whether it’s real or fake.


Even the principal is curious too XD


Saito seems to be always at the wrong place and wrong time.

Watched Episode: 1-5

Plot: Weak with fan service here and there because it’s another ‘Save the world’ thingy. You will get a good laugh though ^^

Animation: Mediocre

Verdict: Will continue watching but it’s not in my top watch list.

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