3 Translators are wanted at www.dannychoo.com and payments will be made in term of latest figures. This would be a dream job for most otaku/figure collectors including me. Unfortunately my Japanese skill involves of using Babelfish to translate XD. This would be a great opportunity for anyone who speaks Japanese and good addition to your resume.

ARghhhhh, I wish I can read Japanese well -_-. Payment in figures would be too hard to resist.

The job requirements are as the followings (quote directly from dannychoo.com):

Do you have a good command of Japanese? Would you like a monthly supply of figures? If the answer is “yes” then read on.
I’m looking for translators to help me translate Japanese into English and the conditions are as follows.
1. You need to be readily available for long term remote work – i.e, I will send you stuff to translate and you do so in your own time – but I need a fast turn around.
2. Payment is by figures – brand new. For the first project, the figures are GoodSmile, Max Factory or anything distributed by GoodSmile.
3. Below are examples of what I need translated – each section is blurb for a figure. I anticipate that you would translate about 20 of these per month. I also need you to handle the occasional press release etc. If you can do this for me then I will arrange for about 10-15 figures (scale PVC’s/figmas Nendoroid’s etc of your choice – any GoodSmile/Max Factory or Good Smile distributed figures) to be sent to you *every month*.
These figures are not my SAFS ^^; They are brand new and will be sent to you directly from the manufacturers.
Initially I have a few hundred blurbs I need translated. For this initial amount I will arrange to send you the latest PVC/Nendoroids/Figmas for the past few months. I need these translations done within the next two weeks.
4. The reason why payment is figures is because I need folks who are passionate about figures. Future projects will involve cash payments but the first project will be figures.
5. You will be working with my company Mirai Inc which means you would be able to put my company name down on your resume as work experience. Depending on performance, I can write referral letters and folks who turn out to be super stars will be considered for full time employment with my company.
6. You dont have to be able to speak Japanese well but have good reading comprehension. I need professionally translated pieces of work and *not* Engrish. A good example of Engrish can be found at English AkibaBlog.
There are some Japanese nuisances that cant be translated into English effectively. You need to be able to judge what elements are important to translate correctly and how you get that across effectively and naturally in English.
7. You need to be able to work with little guidance. For example I dont expect to be asked “how should I translate this bit” – it would be your job to decide.
8. You need to be available for communication over mail, IM and phone.
9. You need to be able to keep the work you are doing confidential. You may be given information about products months before they are released.
10. If you are interested then have a look at the end of this post and translate the provided blurbs into english and send it to me in the body of an email to [jobs at mirai dot fm] and title the mail “Japanese Translation.”
You must include your profile page URL like http://www.dannychoo.com/home/eng/fatbastard/ – any mails that do not follow this format are filtered and not read (sorry)
11. Due to the amount of applicants that I expect, I cant reply to all but will choose folks who have the most accurate and natural sounding translations – dont bother using bablefish or Google translate as you will be wasting your time and mine ^^;
12. I am looking for about 3 people to fill this translator position.

More info on what you need to translate at dannychoo.com

Image via Moe Imouto.