My oh my…. Am I late or what ? Many new anime comes during summer and I had not picked up a single one yet ^^;;. As a result,  I have a huge list of anime that I downloaded and have not watched it yet so last week, I did some catching up and watched Koihime Musou, Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu Na Koto : Natsu no Sora, and Sekirei. My insights about those three are below.

Koihime Musou


My fellow otaku recommended this anime to me couple days ago and after the first four episodes all I can say is:

OMFG, Yuri scenes are FTW.

Koihime Musou easily becomes my current favorite due to quite a few yuri scenes ^^.  The story for Koihime Musou is taken from the Three Kingdoms era, hence, the main characters’ name are from well-known heroes during that periods similar to Ikkitousen except they all are girls/lolis. Even their weapons are the same, for example, Aisha uses Green Dragon Crescent Blade similar to what Guan Yu used

Pics worth thousand words ;D or so I heard. Warning: pictures may cause nose-bleeding; continue at your own risk.


Is this your first time ?


It’s ok. This is my xth time.




That feels weird.

Watched Episode: 1-4

Plot: Weak. Typical fan service except no guy is involved and have no clue where the story is moving forward to.

Animation: Mediocre

Verdict: Bunch of girls with weapons + above scenes = APPROVED.

Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu Na Koto : Natsu no Sora


It has no connection between the previous series what so ever, although, the main story is still about a girl who is learning to become a magician and the settings are pretty much the same. Sora, the main character in this series, comes to Tokyo from Hokkaido and she is staying in Shimokitazawa area with her instructor Hara-sensei and other internship who turns out to be someone from her class. It’s kinda obvious that the center of attention would be Sora and Midorikawa ^^;;. I meant they both staying in the same place after all so it’s hard not to think that something is going to happen between those two.


The animation itself is very well made in particular the background image which I believe those are real photographs used because they look so realistic in comparison to normal backgrounds that you usually see. If you download a HQ version fansub, you can screen capture and make really nice wallpapers from some backgrounds in this anime ^^.

More screen shots below.


Hokkaido scenery




This one is my favorite. A tree in the middle of nowhere sorta like a border sign between the grass field and the desert


Watched Episode: 1-2

Plot: If you like the first series, chance is you will like this one.

Animation: Awesome. I love those backgrounds.

Verdict: I will pass for now because it’s not kind of anime that I would watch ^^;;


I was a little bit skeptical about this one because I am kinda tired of seeing fan service anime (typical one guy surrounded bunch of girls) with a lot big ‘eyes’ girls in it. Don’t get me wrong though, I still love those fan service anime but sometimes, you just know when you watch too much of those and mainly I watched too much fan service anime when I just started watching anime.


Accidents do happen ;o

There are so much hype about Sekirei especially when I read Danny’s post so I decided to give it a try to see what all the fuss is about. Overall impression on the first episode so far is ehhhhhh…..so so….. I guess. It’s not bad but not great either. A lot of big eyes are involved of course ^^;; and most likely (if not all) the only reasons people will continue watching it.


Every otaku dreams to be in this situation

The overall plot reminds me of Ikkitousen or Maken-ki which I just recently started reading the manga too or you can even relate to Love Hina where the main protagonist is a sore loser surrounded by bunch of girls. It is a mix of action and comedy mixed with a lot ecchi or fan service.


Musubi-chan is a cutie with a big pair of ‘eyes’ and huge appetite ^^;;.



2 of my favorite scenes 🙂

Watched Episode: 1-6

Plot: Weak. Typical fan service.

Animation: Good. Same studio that did Nanoha series.

Verdict: If I am really bored and have nothing to watch then yes, I will watch Sekirei otherwise no ^^;.

Did my insights help you deciding whether or not to watch the above anime? Also ,can anyone give me some recommendations on what to watch from the recent releases ? (I need a poll wordpress plugin T.T)