I took some time to organize my websites and adding more links under comrades on the side bar. In addition, I re arranged how I display the affiliates links and google adsense.

1 line text only google adsense I put at the top. Originally I was going to put full google ad but I found that it’s too distractive unless I create a toogle where you can choose to hide the google ad like how Danny did it on dannychoo.com . It requires me to do additional coding on my part and not surre how complicated it will be but should be fun and challenging.

As you probably notice, I added 1 more tab beside ‘About’ called ‘My Figures’. What it does basically is displaying all my figures photo shoots that I have done so far and they are under ‘Figure’ category. I hope you guys like it and let me know if something goes wrong.

I also added/removed some categories. ‘Preorder’ category will be for all posts related to stuff that I pre-order like Fate/Unlimited Codes [SP Box] post, meanwhile, ‘figure’ category contains all posts for figures photoshoot.

New banner was also uploaded last week. I got sick of the default top banner so decided to make my own. It’s not the best banner but will do for now since my photoshop skill is below par lol ^^;;. The character is Mizushima Asa from Sora no Iro Mizu no Iro by Tony Taka which you can get it from moe.imouto.org .

edit: Any comments or suggestions are always appreciated 🙂