After seeing bunch of members at posting about their rooms, it inspires/urges me to post my room. Unlike other most Otaku rooms, my room looks pretty normal(not otaku enough) compare to other otakus’ rooms like Rin’s or James’.

I always hold back on buying new stuff for my room as I don’t have my own place and am renting a room on a basement of a house.


The door leading to the after life ^^. Don’t mind the Christmas decoration, I am too lazy to take it off and it’s been there for 2 years ++ lol. 2 FFXI fan arts on my room door ^^ which I got from Anime North last year.



I change my computer parts too often so I usually have some parts around to build another PC ^^;;. My main PC is the left one with dual monitor setup 22″ widescreen and 19″. I named it monoceros-2 ^^ and it’s used for everything but mainly gaming, folding and watching anime. Thinking of selling the 19 inch one and get another 22 inch ^^;;.

The 15″ LCD for the my other PC(named monoceros) at the bottom right which is used mainly for folding and doing some web development and as a backup in case my main PC breaks down. You guys probably notice my messy cables under the desk ^^;; and the dust clogs in between easily.


Those are the only DVDs that I have and I only buy series that I really like. Empty figure boxes at the top which I still need to find a place to store those boxes.


My comfy bed and blanket which I have been using for 10++ years ^^;;.  The most warmest blanket I ever used and the only reason I survive winter :P.

I was in the middle of packing when I took this picture as I am going back home to Indonesia for a while and hopefully I can still do some blogging while I am back home. Expect something like ‘Week 1 in Jakarta, Indonesia’ andIt should be interesting since I haven’t gone home for nearly 4 years. I bet a lot of changes since the last time I went back home.


I don’t own many posters and I tend to throw posters every time I move to a new place so I don’t want to have a lot of posters. On the left side, those are the prints that I bought from the artist alley at Anime North 2008.


Another stack of figure boxes which I need to organize and clean them up.


Part of my closet where I put my soccer jerseys. I am a big fan of Arsenal and England national team so my soccer jersey are all Arsenal’s and England’s which I have been collecting them since I was 14 years old.


My small 13″ TV and my PS2 under it and on the right side it’s my lightbox where I took my recent figure photo shoot.


Most of my figures are from Fate series and Saber is my favorite as you guys can see ^^. ❤ Saber.


My IKEA clear detolf shelf where I store some of my figures and Saber is welcoming every guest who comes to my room ^^.


The manga above is my precious collection as I will not easily lend them out to my friends. If they want to read them, they need to read in my room >.> . The manga is ‘Legenda Naga’ and it’s indonesian translation of Japanese manga, Ryuuroden and its english title would be something like “Legend of the Dragon’s son”. I collect them up until volume 37. Unfortunate, the indonesian publisher stop releasing them so I am shit outta luck (SOL) because I am stucked at vol 37 forever. If anyone knows where I can get/buy the original volume 38+++ online and/or what the current volume released , please let me know ^^.


Card Captor Sakura original manga volume 1 to 12 ^^. Got the whole collection for $80 a while back; not a bad deal I think.

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