Ignorance is bliss you may say but I wish I noticed sooner about this game and not like, a year after the US release. I know it’s sad ^^;; and kinda embarrassing. I spent 15 hours this past weekend playing this game ^^;; and I have to say it’s kinda addictive with all the battle system, synthesizing (grathmeld) and cosmosphere. I managed to finish Phase 1 and currently working on Phase 2 with Aurica path and currently on lvl 9 cosmosphere :D.

RPG mixed with dating sim is always enjoyable for me like for example, Thousand Arms back in PS one or Persona 3 (too bad I got bored with this after a while for some reasons). The old style of turn based rpg system never gets old on me ^^ and I still enjoy it up to this day, although, more and more rpgs are made with non- turn based.

Any similar PS2 games that you guys can recommend to me ?