Anyone likes soccer or football ? Well, Euro 2008 is starting tomorrow and the first match will be Switzerland and Czech Republic @12 noon EDT. In case anyone is wondering why I talk about soccer all sudden is because I love soccer probably as much as I love Anime or computer hardware. And yes, I have multiple hobbies -_-;; which all of them are bad for my pocket.

Anyways, I think a big event like Euro 2008 is worth a post in my blog , although, I do wish I have a separate blog to talk about soccer only but at the same time, 2 blogs would be too much time consuming for me.

Official mascot for Euro 2008 is Flix and Trix ^^. The colour on each mascot represents the flag colours for Austria and Switzerland.

Flix and Trix

16 Teams will compete to win one of the most prestigious title in the world (not arguably >.>). 16 teams are divided into 4 groups consisting of 4 teams each

Group A

  • Czech Republic
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey

Group B

  • Austria
  • Croatia
  • Germany
  • Poland

Group C

  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Romania

Group D

  • Greece
  • Rusia
  • Spain
  • Sweden

Group A

Czech Republic and Portugal are the two favorite contender to go through the next stage, although, Switzerland and Turkey cannot be underestimated either especially Austria since they will be playing at their home ground. Fans and supporters play a big role here. On the other hand, Turkey can always be the dark horse in any major soccer tournaments. Regardless, my pick would be Czech Republic and Portugal because on top of paper, they have better players.

Group B

Croatia and Germany are obviously the one that will finish first and second on top of paper. I don’t think Poland will get through to the next stage and they have never been at where they were in the 50s. Austria may have a chance to quality to the next round if they manage to do well against Croatia and Germany. It will be a tough game for them against Germany and Croatia but they play at home so fans and supporters are on their backs. Despite all that, my pick is still Germany and Croatia to quality to the next round.

Group C

In every major tournament, there is always at least one group called Group of Death. In Euro 2008, Group C fits that description of group of death. France, Italy and Netherlands are practically on the same level while Romania is just slightly under those three. Hard to predict the outcome for this group but looking at each squads, France can qualify from this group. France’s squad is pretty much stacked with all the top players in the world in all positions.

On the other hand, Italy may have to give their 200% effort if they want to qualify especially after their main central defender, Fabio Cannavaro, got injured recently. I don’t like Italy team but I admit that this guy is no. 1 defender in the world. Their goalkeeper, Buffon, is still as good as ever and clearly no. 1 goal keeper in the world so will Italy qualify ? they have the chance but it’s a matter of they can take it or not.

How about Netherlands ? Well their line up is more less the same quality as the Italians. Injuries and yellow
card may become problems since there is a gap between the first and 2nd line up (substitutes). At the front, Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Van Persie are dangerous as long as Van Persie is fit >.> . I may be biased since I am an avid Arsenal fan and hope Van Persie can prove himself this Euro since during the league, he got injured so much so his play time was minimal.

Honestly, Romania does not have a chance to qualify in this group of death but then again nothing is impossible in soccer :D.

Group D

Greece may be the defending champion but the road to next round is very rocky for them. Rusia and Spain are in this group and they are the favorite to qualify. I think Spain can do something big this time in compareison to the last Euro 2004 ( They didn’t qualify from the group). Materially speaking, their goalkeepers line up is nuts and their midfielders are stacked like crazy. Come on…. Iniesta, Alonso, Fabregas, Xavi are all very good players. Torres at the front is also very dangerous looking at the amount of goals he scored with Liverpool. Many people said that this Euro may be the year for Spain and I somewhat agree since I honestly think that they can go more than just a quarter final.

Rusia qualified instead of England( 😦 ) so I think they can qualify to the next stage. It might be tough for them but they have the chance.

That’s all my rambling about Euro 2008. I hope you guys enjoy it. If you don’t, it’s ok because my next post will be anime related ^^. Note, on the right side, you will notice a count down for Euro 2008 which I took from the official website 🙂 of Euro 2008.

Songs of The Day : Official song for Euro 2008

  • Can you hear me by Enrique Iglesias [audio:Can_you_hear_me.mp3]
  • Like A Superstar – Trix Flix Feat. Shaggy [audio:Trix___Flix_feat._Shaggy_-_Like_A_Superstar__Radio_Edit_.mp3]