Line up for registration

I arrived at Toronto Congress Centre around 10 am and saw a long line up for registration. It’s kinda expected since it’s Saturday and I had to park far away from the entrance because all the lots near the entrance were all occupied.


One of the entrances

I went straight to the dealer room again for some scouting and took picture of cosplayers from my favorite anime. I wandered around for an hour before I decided to leave since not many cosplayers that  want to take some pictures of. I did find Saber and Rider cosplayer *jumping in joy*. Today is going to be a lucky day or so I thought.


Dealer’s Room

From the dealer room, I looked around at the artist alley. There is one artist that really sparks my interest. Her characters all like cute and adorable. I couldn’t take my eyes off the prints for a while ^^;;. After a very very very long thinking, I bought 5 prints in total which cost me $28 and I asked her to sign all the prints  ^___^. I believe her name is Holly ( not sure if it’s her real name or just a nickname). She is really talented but then again I might be bias since I like all the characters that she drew. Later on, I found out that she was the one who drew our Weekend Otaku pass. Check her website at www.kaze-hime.com or deviantart.com


Artist Alley is always crowded


Some prints that I bought from Holly except the bottom left one.

Most of you may not know but I am a FFXI gamer, I have been looking since yesterday for FFXI fan art but luck had not found me yet T.T. I got some nice ffxi fan art from last Anime North but I guess the ffxi artist that I was looking for didn’t come this year 😦

Halko Momoi concert is @ 1:30 and the gate will be opened at 12:30 pm so I had plenty of time to kill since it was only 11:30 and I didn’t think it would be a long line up. Check out Rin’s blog for coverage on Halko Momoi.

It turned out that I couldn’t make it to the concert since my friend, who lives in US, comes to visit on us on memorial day weekend so I went lunch with him and other friends at Sushi Eaton @ Eglinton East.


Sushi for lunch is FTW ^^

I went back to Toronto Congress centre for so more fun ^^. I went around the dealer room and artist alley just to see if there is anything that I like and hoping that I meet some cosplayers from my favorite anime. Outside TCC, it seemed that there were a lot of things going like free hugs and random dance party ^^


Dance Party right outside TCC.


Group Hug

From there, I went to Doubletree hotel to check out some anime showing. I watched death note episode 1 to 3. I already watched them before but it’s still as a good as ever 😀 and my leg started killing me so I needed to sit down and rest anyways.

I left TCC around 10:00 pm. I was hoping to stay longer and caught up with Baby Blue anime ie 18+ ie Hentai but I was too tired and barely awake. It would be nice if I have a room at one of the hotel ^^;;

Cosplayers’ Photos


Link ? Pretty sure they are from a game


Nuuuu…. Dun kill yourself :D. Mitsuru from Persona 3


Chii Chii Chii from Chobits


Lavi from D.Grayman. Nice hammer ^^


Konata and Miyuki from Lucky Star


Yuki from Vampire Knight


D.grayman characters


Yoruichi from Bleach


Wooohoo My favorite…. Yoko from Gurren Lagan


Not sure what characters ^^;;


Hikari and Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth


Yay more bunny Haruhi. She is the same person from Day 1 except she wore a red bunny costume this time


From FFVII Advent Children. I forgot their names


Zangetsu from Bleach. Very nice cosplay in my opinion


Asuka Langley and Rei Ayanami from Evangelion

Loot of the day:

5 prints from Kaze Hime booth = $28

1 print from different table = $10

Tamaki Kosaka Figure = $40 (good deal)


Total: $78

Song of the Day: Happy People Bleach ED 4 [audio:01 happypeople.mp3]

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