This episode is not as bad as I thought it would be  because the manga version has about 4-5 chapters alone for Noah’s memory so I thought it’s going to take the whole episode talking about Skin’s Bolic past from the preview in last episode.



Kanda thought he had finished Skin Bolic with his final attack, Taboo Three Illusions, however, Skin Bolic is just barely alive and he is half conscious. During this time, he was remembering the time when he was a normal human and how he turned into a Noah after he met the Earl and Road.



While Kanda was on his way to exit, suddenly a lightning strikes Skin Bolic’s body and he was revived back preparing for an attack at Kanda. With his agility, Kanda managed to dodge the attack and he went straight to Skin Bolic with his worn-out sword, however, SKin Bolic body was too tough to be cut with his worn out sword.



Skin Bolic prepared another attack which was bigger than the previous one. Kanda was left with no choice other than draining his life force for another Taboo Three Illusions in order to block the attack from destroying the exit. Skin managed to break Kanda’s sword and thought he killed Kanda, however, he is still alive and using his broken sword pieces, he activated mugen again and sliced Skin bolic into two.




This episode marks the end of Kanda’s fight. It’s pretty decent overall but it could have been better if they squeeze it in one episode instead of prolong it. Starting next episode, it’s going to be the Twin’s Arc: Jasdero and Debitto. Guess who is going to be fighting those two ? well… check it on the next episode ^^.

More screenshots from this episode is below.