My friend and I went to Vaughn Mills Mall by Highway 400 on Saturday. I didn’t really have anything to buy but my friends wanted to get a new bag for school and I never been to Vaughn Mills Mall before (it’s kinda sad since I have been living in Toronto for 2 years already).

We went for quite a long ride before arriving at Vaughn Mills Mall. I may have not been to Vaughn Mills Mall but I know how to get there from google map, however, I was wrong to trust her on direction >.> . 45 minutes later, we finally arrived. Mall is just mall I guess since every malls look more less the same ^^.


I bought 4 pieces of vellum paper for my lightbox so I can take better pictures for my figures. Originally, I was going to get white satin fabric but I saw a stationary store called De Serress Art Store and bought the vellum paper there instead. She couldn’t find any bag that she liked so we left for dinner.

Vellum Papers

From Vaughn Mills Mall, we went to Restoran Malaysia in Richmond Hill since I promised to take her to try some food from my home country, Indonesia. Restoran Malaysia is probably as close as it gets . Not exactly the same but the taste is close enough.

We were pretty luck to get a table when we arrived there because last time, I went there I had to wait for 1 hour (we had 5ppl though). Since it’s just the two of us, I guess it’s easier to get a table.

We went a little bit crazy with the food. We ordered 4 dishes, a soup for her, a cocktail drink for me and a dessert. For the dishes, we had Seafood Satay, Sambal Tumis Kampung with Beef, Ayam Goreng Kampung and Kangkong (Tong Choy) which was cooked with Malay Belachan and shrimp. In addition, she also ordered Tom Yang Goong (soup) while I got my “Pantai Cinta Berahi” cocktails ^^… mmm delicious.

Our Dishes

For desert, we shared a mango rice pudding since we both were kinda full. The mango rice pudding was ok and nothing spectacular. The taste was kinda bland in my opinion.

I highly recommend this restaurant for those who want to try the taste of Malaysia (or Indonesia). The price is pricey in my opinion since the portion is kinda small-medium size. It cost $74 for both of us including tax and tips since we went little bit crazy with the food ^^;;