D.Grayman fans should be happy / satisfied with this episode. It’s full of actions and less unnecessary scenes like the previous episode. I guess this episode is the real start for Kanda vs Skin Bolic. This episode is equal to the manga version chapter 92-93.


Both Kanda and Skin Bolic are pretty much on the equal ground. Kanda depends on his speed and attacks his enemy in a close distance, while, Skin Bolic depends more on his power and not as mobile as Kanda. Skin Bolic stays at one place most of the time and attacks Kanda from a distance with his lightning strikes.

The title for this episode, Taboo, Three Illusions, it’s taken from one of Kanda’s moves that he uses in this episode.


Well… I can’t really complaint about this episode since I enjoy it a lot after a quite disappointment from the previous one. Actions……actions…….. and a lot of actions. Did I say actions ^^? I couldn’t ask for more, couldn’t I ? ^^;. If you see the preview of the next episode, feel free to skip some part of it since it talks about Skin’s Bolic past in general. Some people may like it, some may not.

Song of the Day: D.Grayman OP 4 – Gekidou by UVerworld [audio:01+Gekidou.mp3]