Venus Versus Virus

I had had rough days on the last couple days with my main PC which was infected by some virus and they messed up my internet connection or connection to the internet. I can play online game and download stuff just fine, however, browsing was a different story. It was painfully slow to load a page and sometimes it didn’t even finish loading a page so the page showed up weird.

It maybe a virus/a worm that send packets to unknown address from my computer that caused my whole connection to be severed. Surprisingly Rogers cable sent me an automatic message to my phone and said that one or more computers of mine has been infected with a virus. How nice of them to let me know XD.

I tried to run AVG home free edition couple times to remove the virus but it kept coming back every time so I just reformatted my whole C drive and reinstalled windows instead of wasting more time trying to remove the virus. It was somewhat a pain installing all the drives and the softwares but since I always have image files for those software I can quickly installed them instead of running them from my CD/DVD rom.

The one that took most of my time was installing my FFXI. Image this, there are FFXI original, Rise of Zilart Expansion, Chain of Promathia Expansion, Treasure of Aht Uhgan expansion and Wing of the Goddess expansion. In addition to those expansion, there are FFXI updates which contains approximately 10000 files >.>. Total time was 8 hours. Luckily I can just leave it overnight ^^;; but I still slept @ 2am in the morning last night to get my PC to where it was before so I feel crappy today -_-;;. Coffee is ftw on this situation.

Well I kinda learned my lesson and just need to be more careful when getting ‘free’ software ‘through other means’ and create an image my C drive so every time something happens I can just load from the image without going through all the painful and long process.

Happy Friday and Have a nice weekend ^_^

Song of the Day : Venus Versus Virus OP [audio:Venus Versus Virus OP1 – Bravin’ Bad Brew.mp3]