T.T I am so left behind with my D.Grayman episode summary. I have been distracted by Spring anime 2008 too much XD. I think last month I went crazy downloading a lot of episodes so I hope I am still within my bandwith limit >.<.




At the end of last episode, Episode 76, Allen’s group arrives Skin Bolic room. Kanda takes the initiative and tells the rest that he will take care of Skin Bolic alone and to go ahead to the next level. Allen obviusly disagrees and won’t let Kanda off the hook easily. Since they refuses to leave, Kanda is left with no choice other than to attack them with his innocence….. for real…. This is a funny momment. Allen and Co. gets attacked by their own friend, Kanda. After a lot of arguing here and there, Allen and the rest leaves Kanda to take care of Skin Bolic after Allen is persuaded by Lenalee.





Outside the Noah Ark, Marshall Tiedoll and the rest of exorcist are still fighting the Giants, although, Marshall Tiedoll does not seem to have too much problems dealing with the Giants with his innocence despite of being out numbers.




On the other place inside the Ark, Tyki and Road are watching the fight of Kanda and Skin Bolic.




Back to inside the Noah Ark, Kanda and Skin Bolic’s fight is about to begin. So far they are dead even. Who will triumph ? you have to watch it by yourself ^_^.


This is the start of a long Noah Ark’s arc so be prepared to get bored……. or not. This episode is equal to Chapter 92 for the manga version. Note that I have read the manga up to the latest one because I couldn’t wait to know what will happen on the next episode. Personally I would rather this episode consists only Kanda and Skin bolic fight so the story can progress much faster for those who haven’t read the manga yet. It’s a waste to show the fight between Marshall Tiedoll and the Giants (Giants killing another Giants…. yah that’s exciting >.>) and also some scenes with Tyki and Road watching the fight.

The Noah Ark’s arc is pretty long in the manga so I am guessing there will be around 20 to 30 more episodes to finish this arc.

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