I had a blast today at Toronto FC vs Kansas City game at BMO field. That was my first ever coming to a live soccer match ^__^. My buddy (a Life size Sports Dictionary 🙂 ) from work got me a ticket at the Northend Elite supporter group section so props to him for getting me the ticket.

You know watching a game on tv and live are totally different thing. It’s brand new experience and not to mention I was at the support section. Those guys were really loud ^__^ and got me into the mood. Without realizing it, I started trying to sing a long with their chants. Watching Toronto Raptors at ACC is nothing compares to watching Toronto FC playing. Toronto FC > Toronto Raptors nuff said.

The supporters were crazy because they were throwing streamers at Kansas City player during corner kick. Of course…. I threw one too 😀 for fun.

Overall the game was dominated Toronto FC as they had a lot chances and managed to score twice by Amado Guevara. The second one was from a free kick and he put it beautifully on top left corner.

Pictures from the game and at BMO field.













Guess who is on the pic above ? It’s Claudio Lopez the Argentinian. He plays for Kansas City now. Any soccer fans at least have heard about him before



Guevara is taking a free kick.


Northend Elite Supporter Group

 The game finished at 5:30 and I got home around 7:45 pm. I took me around 45 minutes to get out from the parking lot and another 1 hour 15 minutes to go home. Traffic jams are like everywhere from Gardiner Express Way, Don Valley Parkway and 401 Yonge exit. The only reason I could think of is because TTC on strike today so everyone was driving to the game. In addition, Toronto Raptors also played today at 2:30 pm so it adds more to the traffic.

Start Rant

At this point of time, I really ****ing hate TTC and their stupid union. Bunch of greedy ******** honestly. TTC is already become a necessity for City of Toronto so without it, the whole city is in a big trouble. I hope the new rule that makes TTC is an essential part of Toronto goes through so they can’t just go on strike whenever they feel like it. And what more is that I have to go early on monday to work to avoid traffic which also means I have to wake up earlier than usual.

End Rant