Approximately 2 weeks have passed from the start of spring anime seasons. A bunch of anime are being released in the beginning of the month and I have been busy downloading and watching them left and right; trying to get couple anime that I am planning to keep watching so I pretty much spent my last 2 weeks watching anime after I got home from work.

The way I rate the anime is solely based on story alone so most fan service anime will receive low rating but does not mean I don’t enjoy them. I mean …. come on…. who would not want Nose bleed experience.

Code Geass R2: Lelouch of the Rebellion ( コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ )


I doubt that anyone will disagree with me that Code Geass R2 is one of the most waited anime for this spring around the world and considering how messed up (or good cliffhangers depend on how you look at it) the ending on the first season. I watched the first 2 episodes and it keeps me wanting more and more. I suggest that you watch episode 1 and 2 instead of just the 1st episode before placing your judgements. First episode most likely brings a lot questions to you in term how , when, what, why, wtf, etc which kinda threw me off a bit, however, the 2nd episode answers most of my questions of what happened at the end of last season and it’s a great cliffhanger for the next episode so it’s nicely done ^___^.

The story is about…… ….. ….. well most of you should know already >.> unless you haven’t watched the first season. For those who don’t know or haven’t watched the first season yet, Code Geass is a story about a teenager named Lelouch Lamperouge who is granted a Geass power by CC. A Geass user can control or command others to do as one wishes and in addition, a Geass user can also input a fake memory on the victim. The setting happens in year 2010 where Britain Empire rules over Japan Empire within a month. The japanese lost their freedom and assigned to an Area called Area 11. Lelouch, under the mask of Zero, is the leader of rebel army and he is trying to overthrone Britannia Empire for the sake of revenge where his mother was assassinated and his sister, Nunally, was crippled due to the incident.

Watched Episode(s): 2
My Rating: 9/10
OP: “02” by Orange Range
ED: “Shiawase Neiro” by Orange Range

To Love Ru ( To LOVEる or とらぶる )


To Love Ru is also one of the most waited anime for this spring and considering the hype at and how he posted couple articles about To Love Ru. Personally I knew nothing about this anime until I read the article at and soon after I started reading the manga up until very last chapter. It peeks my interest quite a bit so I decided to give it a go. Note that I am little bit picky on what ecchi anime I watch in comparison to few years ago where I watched most if not all ecchi anime out there >.>.

I have to say that I like To Love Ru and love Lala’s character/personality and I am not sure why or what draws my interest on her and her character though ^^;;. There are a lot of ecchi scenes as expected but it’s not an excessive panties-showing every friggin minutes like Rosario + Vampire.

The story is about Lala, an alien that comes from Devilluke planet to Earth because she is on the run, crash-landed at Rito’s house…. his bathroom to be exact while he is taking a bath. Rito is your typical loser who does not even have the courage to confess to the girl he likes. Sounds familiar to many ecchi anime out there , eh ? :). This anime reminds of UFO Princess Valkyrie

Watched Episode(s): 1
My Rating: 7/10
OP: “Forever we can make it” by THYME
ED: “Lucky Tune” by Anna

Vampire Knight ( ヴァンパイア騎士 )


Girls out there may rejoice with the anime version of Vampire Knight. The reason I said girls is because most characters in Vampire Knight are guys and just not normal guys, they are pretty guys (bishonen like I guess). Although, I wouldn’t say that the anime is limited for girls’ audience only and I don’t mean to stereotype ^______^.

The story is about a girl named Yuki and a guy named Zero Kiryu (who named their son Zero, honestly lol). Yuki had a bad past where she was almost killed by a Vampire before she was saved by Kaname, a pure blood vampire. The story revolves around Cross academy where Yuki and Zero are the prefects for day class and night class. They make sure nothing happens during the transition because they are the only knows among day class students that all the night class students are vampire. Yuki and Zero are adopted children of the headmaster of Cross Academy. Zero’s parents were a vampire hunter and they were killed by a pure blood vampire and since then, Zero hates vampire.

Contrary to popular beliefs or assumptions about vampire, The vampires in this series are immune to garlic, cross, holy water, etc and in addition, they don’t get burned by the sun light although they don’t like it, hence why the night class exists.

Watched Episode(s): 1
My Rating: 7.5/10
OP: “Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi” by ON/OFF
ED: “Still Doll” by Wakeshima Kanon

Itazura na Kiss ( イタズラなKiss )


An anime that everyone can enjoy easily. It’s a typical high school drama and love story. It revolves around Kotoko Aihara and Naoki Irie. For 2 years, Kotoko is in love with Naoki since the first year of senior high school and finally on her 3rd year, she tries to give Naoki a love letter which he refuses to accept it because he does not like a stupid girl. This is a huge slap on the face for Kotoko.

It seems bad luck does not want to leave Kotoko yet. When she got home, she found out that her house was burnt down so she and her dad have no place to live. Luckily, her dad’s best friend, Irie, offers his place for them to stay and Irie’s son happens to be Naoki Irie, the one who rejected Kotoko’s love letter. This is basically where all the story begins and all the funny stuff that happens ^__^ to both of them.

I enjoyed the first 2 episodes so I most likely will continue watching this series and I am sure I will get a lot of laughs. A good way to get some laughs after a long stress day @ work ^__^

Watched Episode(s): 2
My Rating: 7.5/10
OP: “Kimi, Meguru, Boku” by Motohiro Hata
ED: “Kataomoi Fighter” by GO!GO!7188

Allison and Lillia ( アリソンとリリア )


This anime quickly reminds of Last Exile which tells a story of Claus Valca and Lavie Hamilton and their adventure with their vanship. Similarly, Allison and Lillia tell us the adventure of Allison Whittington and Will Schultz. The setting takes place in one continent split by Luton River and Central Mountains in the middle. The eastern region is known as Roxche while the western region consists of Kingdom of Bezel Itoa (Anatole and Dysis countries in Last Exile).

I am not sure who Lillia is at this point of time. Maybe one of the main character that will appear later on. So for those who like Last Exile or any adventure genre anime, Allison and Lillia will be a good choice for you.

Watched Episode(s): 1
My Rating: 7/10
OP: “Tameiki no Hashi” by Kuricorder Quartet and Shione Yukawa
ED: “Sayonara no Omajinai” by Kuricorder Quartet and Sou Matsumoto
[audio:Allison_to_Lillia _Sayonara_Omajinai.mp3]

Soul Eater ( ソウルイーター )


When I read the synopsis about soul eater mentioning shinigami and school, I said to myself “Oh gosh, this is going to be a Bleach like anime”. Despite my hesitant to watch it, I was like “meh whatever I will just watch the first episode to see how it goes”. Well……. Can’t I be more wrong ? ^__^;;

The story is about a meister and his/her weapon in form of a normal human. Shinigamis go to Shinigami Technical School and given homeworks and assignments to become a full-pledge shinigami where one weapon has reached a Death Scythe status. One of student is called Maka which is the main heroine in this anime. Her partner / weapon is Soul Eater (Soul) who has an appearance of little kid or a brat to be exact ^^.

In order to reach Death Scythe status, Maka and Soul need to collect 99 evil human souls and 1 witch. They are already at 99 evil human souls and going to hunt down the witch. Unfortunately due to some circumstances, they lost all the souls that they had collected and have to start from the beginning again. Ouch.

Soul Eater is a must see anime for this spring season. Give it a try before you say it’s just another Bleach and I am sure you will be amazed

Watched Episode(s): 1
My Rating: 8/10
OP: “resonance” by T.M.Revolution
ED: “I Wanna Be” by STANCE PUNKS

Kanokon ( かのこん )


I put Kanokon in the same category as To Love Ru except instead of alien, you get a fox spirit and wolf spirit in form of cute girls. If you like To Love Ru, you most likely will enjoy Kanokon. This anime is a must see for your nose-bleed experience and not to mention main girl protagonist would like to “move further her relationship with the main guy protagonist” everywhere and whenever ^__^.

The story revolves around Kouta Oyamada who moves to the city from the country side. On his first day at school, a 2nd year girl named Chizuru Minamoto tells him that she is in love with him. Since then Chizuru Minamoto has been following Kouta everywhere he goes and not mention, she does not hesitate to do something indecent in public, hence why Kouta has a new nick named, The Ero King. By accident, Chizuru reveals herself as a fox deity when she didn’t realize her hair changed to blonde and her tails showed.

Few days later, a new transfer student named Nozomu Ezomori appears at their school and turns out that she is also in love Kouta. Nozomu is a wolf spirit. Both of them are fighting each day to win over Kouta and that’s how the story unfolds.

Watched Episode(s): 2
My Rating: 5.5/10
OP: “PHOSPHOR” by Ui Miyazaki
ED: “Koi no Honoo” by Yui Sakakibara

Wagaya no Oinari-sama ( 我が家のお稲荷さま )


It seems that Spring anime 2008 is full of fox deity/spirit (see Kanokon). While Kanokon is more of fan service kind of anime, Wagaya no Oinari-sama is more serious and contains very little or no fan service. If you are looking for nose bleed experience, you are watching the wrong anime ^___^.

The story revolves around 2 boys named Noburu Takagami and Tooru Takagami who were called by their uncle suddenly because their great grandmother has fallen ill. It turns out that their great grandmother is as healthy as ever. The reason that they were called there is because Toru is being targetted by a specter (a Youkai) so there is a need to protect him.

For decades, Mizuchi Family has a long history of relation with the Water (one of the 5 Phases: Water, Fire, Wood, Metal and Earth). Their mother, Miyako, was known as the last priestess of Water Priestess of Miduchi Family. From generation to generation, the strength of spiritual power has declined.

In order to protect Tooru in addition to having a sentinel named Kou, they are going to wake up Kugen Tenko which is a fox deity that used to be a Guardian of Mizuchi family, however, due to her behaviour, she was sealed in a shrine. Kugen has a pretty interesting character I must say. She is a playful kind and a teaser. She does not even give a damn about Mizuchi family situation until she was told that the son of Miyako is being targetted by a spectre. Kugen and Miyako seem to have a close relationship in the past such that Kugen agrees to help and protect Tooru.

Kugen can be in either male or female form. Interestingly, depending on which form, Kugen is voiced by 2 different voice actor/actress. For male form, Kugen is voiced Yuichi Nakamura while the female form is voiced by Yukana. Most of you are probably familiar with Yukana’s voice since she is the seiyuu of C.C. in Code Geass and Code Geass R2.

This anime is pretty decent overall. It has a lot of action and at the same it can be funny and entertaining. I just love Ku-chan personality. In addition, it kinda reminds me of Inuyasha to some extends ( haven’t watched similar anime for a while so I kinda miss it ^__^). It definitely peeks my interest so I look forward to more episodes from Wagaya no Oinari-Sama.

Watched Episode(s): 2
My Rating: 7/10
ED: “Kaze ga Nanika wo Iou to Shiteru” by Saori Hayami

Golgo 13 ( ゴルゴ13 )


Are you looking for assassin or espionage kind of anime ? Golgo 13 is probably what you are looking for. Golgo 13 is the lead protagonist and also the title for this anime. He takes any jobs from any employers given the right price and he will finish the job perfectly. I guess you can say, he is a like a Japanese version of James Bond but the impression I got for him is much darker or bad ass. His character is a mystery and from the first episode, it does not say much about his background. He probably reveals his background more later on. You can say that he is the best sniper in the world and his favorite weapon is a custom m-16 rifle.

If you have watched City Hunter or Angel Heart before, you can expect similar stuff with Golgo 13 minus the comedy/ecchi part ^__^.

Watched Episode(s): 2
My Rating: 7.5/10
OP: “Take the Wave” by Naifu
ED: “Garasu no haiwei” by doa

Nabari No Ou ( 隠の王 )


Ok…. if you read the synopsis about this anime and you think that this is just another Naruto, you can’t be more wrong. Nabari No Ou != Naruto, enough said. Anime-One fansub picks up this series so if an old group like anime-one fansubs this series, it must be really good and worth their time to do this.

The setting of the story is the current Japan and yes, it’s not an ancient Japan or any fictional era where shinobis or ninjas are living so it’s a modern ninja story. The story revolves around Rokujo Miharu, an ordinary 14 year olds boy, who recently found out that there is a secret art of ninjutsu living within him. Many ninja villages are looking for this secret art in order to gain power and Miharu has been under attack couple times since he found out about the secret art.

Miharu is always accompanied by Kouichi Aizawa, Thobari Kumohira Durandal and Raimei Shimizu. Kouichi is Miharu’s classmate and he is also 14 year olds. He studies ninjutsu under the guidance of Thobari, a ninja of Baiten village in the world of Nabari. On the surface, Thobari is Miharu’s homeroom teacher. His sole mission is to protect Miharu and wants Miharu to be the ruler of Nabari. Raimei is introduced in episode 2. She is a ninja from Fuuma village. After some lengthy discussion, Raimei manages to persuade Thobari to let Miharu comes to her village so he can be protected. Although Raimei is a ninja, she refuses to use ninjutsu and prefers to use her Katana (or sword) to fight. In order to control his power, Miharu needs to learn and study ninjutsu ,however,

I guess I will be honest that one of the reason I watch this anime is because of Raimei character. I just love anime girls with a sword (refer: Saber from Fate stay/night, Claire from Claymore, and many more). RAIMEIIIIIIIIIIIIII……….. ❤ ❤

Watched Episode(s): 2
My Rating: 8/10
OP: “Crawl” by VELTPUNCH
ED: “Hikari” by ELISA

S.A. Special A ( S・A(スペシャル・エー )


Hikari Hanazono has an eternal rivalry with Kei Takishima. She has always been second to Kei in all aspects. For numerous times, she challenges him to multiple events and she always loses every single time. Their rivaly goes back when they both were 6 years old. Young Hikari who believes she was the best at that time challenges Kei into a pro-wrestling match but she was beaten by him easily.

Hikari and Kei go to Hakusen Academy which is the best school in the prefecture. The classes are arranged from A to F (similarly in Itazura na Kiss) where A consists of top 7 students from each grade and the top 7 from A class is called Special A. The member of SA has their own class, schedule and even uniforms. You can say that they are the elite among the elites.

This anime is pretty light and I enjoy watching it so far. The story itself is pretty interesting and I don’t think I have seen similar anime to this before. Yes, I know it’s another high school romance drama type thing but I can’t seem get enough of it for some reasons :D. I am not sure if it’s just me or not but Hikari looks pretty skinny and has a long pair of legs ^___^;;.

Interesting trivial facts that I recently discovered, the seiyuu of Kei is Jun Fukuyama who is also the seiyuu of Lelouch Lamperouge. He has a lot of leading roles in 2008 especially in this Spring Anime list.

Watched Episode(s): 2
My Rating: 7/10
OP: “Special Days” by Yuko Goto
ED: “Hidamari no Gate” by Jun Fukuyama, Hiro Shimono, Tsubasa Yonaga & Kazuma Horie
[audio:Special_A_Hidamari -o_Gate.MP3]

Da Capo II Second Season ( D.C.Ⅱ~ダ・カーポⅡ~ )


This spring season will not be completed without some Da Capo goodness ^______^. I watched the first season of Da Capo II and I think it’s ok. Nothing really special about it except bunch of cute girls and I am sure Shirakawa Nanaka’s fans have been looking forward to second season since forever.

I watched the first episode and it started with Yoshiuki’s dream about his two childhood friends, Otome-nee and Yume and He looks at the sisters differently (read: ecchi ^_______^). I got the feeling that this season will revolve around Yoshiuki, Otome-nee and Yume and so maybe it’s going to be a love triangle. I know it’s too early to tell and I just have to see how it goes.

On the first season, Otome-nee and Yume didn’t get a lot of attention because the main protagonist was Yoshiuki , Koko and Minatsu so I guess the creator is trying to get us to know the other characters ie Otome and Yume.

Watched Episode(s): 1
My Rating: 6.5/10
OP: “Sakura Amaneku Sekai” by yozuca*
ED: “Bokutachi no Yukue” by CooRie

The Tower of Druaga ( ドルアーガの塔 )


Watching The Tower of Druaga surely reminds me of Ragnarok the Animation and the plot is pretty similar in my opinion. As title says, the story is about the Tower of Druaga which is resurrected after few years since Gilgamesh took it down. Many adventures are trying to climb all the way to the top to beat the evil Druaga. Jill , our underdog hero, is trying to climb the tower with his 4 other companions despite the fact that his half brother, Neeba, told him not to because this is not his thing and he doesn’t have what it takes.

Well the story is pretty much straight forward: Climbing the tower of Druaga >.> . If you enjoy ragnarok the animation, you probably like this anime because it’s taken from an rpg game with the same name back in 1984. Personally, I can’t get myself liking or enjoying this anime just because the plot is too boring. I probably will watch it only when I have nothing to watch ^^;;.

Watched Episode(s): 2
My Rating: 5.5/10
OP: “Swinging” by Muramasa?
ED: “To-cho-sha-tachi” by Kenn

Blassreiter ( デタラメな残像 )


Gonzo is on fire this spring season. Aside from releasing The Tower of Druaga, they also release a new series called Blassreiter in colaboration with Nitro+. Germany is chosen to be the setting for Blassreiter and the story revolves around a virus outbreak called Demoniac which turns corpses into some kind of mindless creatures and attacks people.

Demoniac has an ability to merge with any machineries including cards and motor cycles. To combat these Demoniacs, it’s formed a special force called XAT. Most of XAT members ride motorcyles equipped heavy weaponry. In some cases, some people are able to transform and maintain their consciousness as a Demoniac for example, Joseph who can turn into blassreiter and hunts demoniacs.

Pretty interesting story, I must say and knowing Gonzo, the graphics are nicely done. Can’t expect less from Gonzo studio ^__^. The first 2 episodes don’t say much about Joseph aside from the fact that he hunts demoniac so maybe as the story goes on, we will find out more about Joseph.

Watched Episode(s): 2
My Rating: 8/10
OP: “Detarame na Zanzo-” by GRANRODEO
ED: “sad rain” by Aki Misato