Well today is such a great day for me ^_________^. Well the reason that I am really happy today is because I finally finished a huge project given by my client of mine. He wanted to create a full website about him and his music ( He is a musician).

I just recently started taking some freelance projects and this one is the first big project that I have ever so I cannot be more happy that I finally finished it. In addition to finishing this project, I learned some valuable lessons in term of coding and project management so can’t be more happier with the experience that I gained from this project alone.

This website is the first time I use CSS to arrange all content and minimize the use of table so it’s pretty challenging for me overall. In addition , I also had to integrate wordpress and phplist to his website and use the same design; just in case someone is wondering, phplist is an open source newsletter management software.

Joshua Bartholomew

I believe there are a lot improvements can be on in term of css but for my first css project, I would say I am pretty satisfied with the result and as I use more css in web development, I will learn more and utilize more of css power ^________^