First season of Gundam OO comes to an end with Episode 25. Continuing from last week episode, Setsuna takes on Alejandro one intense one on one battle mean while Hallelujah takes on the HRL duo. Not much to talk about aside from couple minutes of full action from both parties ^_^.









Setsuna manages to destroy Alejandro at the end, however, a new enemy comes unexpectedly at him. The new enemy is none other than Graham Aker who comes for revenge for his deceased teammates Daryl and Howard. He rides a Flag equipped with imitation GN Drive. Despite of his effort, Setsuna still manages to kill him, although, Exia is also badly damaged.



On the other place, Tierria finally comes to his sense and still tries to complete the mission by saving Naddleh’s solar reactor.


2 years later, 328 nations of the federation form into one nation called earth Federation and meanwhile, a new gundam is being constructed called Gundam OO using the solar reactor saved by Tierria.




So now the series has ended, what do I think about this series ? Lets see…… the ending is alright and there are couple cliffhangers (somewhat) leading to the next season although at the same time, there are some stuff that don’t make sense at all. Like for example, where the hell is Ali ? I always thought that the final fight would be between Ali and Setsuna but it turned out to be Setsuna vs Alejandro. Ali does not even appear after his encounter with Lockon so I wonder where he goes ^^

As typical of a Gundam series, Bandai kills a lot of characters toward the end (note: Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny) so same thing happened with Gundam OO. Overal I like the story or ideas behind Gundam OO and it’s pretty enjoyable to watch. At least, I am looking forward to it every week 🙂