Well everyone the spring season is finally upon us (hopefully no more snowing in Toronto). The weather has been really nice here in Toronto area; it was 10++ °C on last weekend and today, it hit 15 °C at one point of time. Could never ask for a better weather ^^.

Speaking of spring, a new wave of new anime is upon us ^_^. So many anime, so little time to watch :(. I watched Code Geass R2 , To-Love Ru and Itazura No Kiss  and I would say they look promising. T0 Love Ru in particular is one of the anime that I have been waiting for since I read Danny Choo’s post about Spring Anime 2008 and coincidentally, he wrote a post about To Love Ru today :).

Others that I am also looking forward to such as :

  1. Vampire Knight – Airs on April 7th Japan time (Source: Anime News Network). Yes, I know it is shounen-type of anime but I read the manga few weeks ago and totally hooked up and I always like vampire kind of anime :). The main girl character is such a cutie ^_^_^
  2. Macross Frontier – Airs on April 3th Japan time (Source: Anime News Netwok). I watched the first episode and am really interested and I probablly gonna try to watch the previous series. Anyone wanna lend me their macross DVDs ? ^_^
  3. Blassreiter – Airs on April 4th Japan time (Source: Anime News Network). This anime is produced by Gonzo so we can expect some HQ animation from the studio. I hope some groups will fansub this one >.> .
  4. Da Capo II Season II – Airs on April 5th Japan time (Source: Anime News Network). Well this spring season won’t be complete without some DC II season II actions. All the girls are uber cute and I want them all ^_^_^.

I probably gonna blog one of the new series but haven’t decided which one(actually I kinda did XD). There are/will be a lot bloggers who gonna blog Code Geass R2 and To Love Ru so I am going to avoid those 2. I am leaning toward Vampire Knight since the story captivates my interest. As for Macross Frontier, I don’t have much to talk about macross and can’t compare with previous series since I haven’t watched it. Blassreiter is probably my other option to blog for.