So my journey has continued to the 4th day of overclocking my x3350. I managed to boot up at 420 x 8 = 3360 MHz, however, I increased my Core Voltage to 1.232V and loosened my RAM timings to 5-5-5-18. In addition , I also got CPU-z validated 🙂 and my core temperature @ 100% load is 56 55 56 55 C. I am getting near to 60 C ^^;; where I am going to stop.

As usual I am going to run folding @ home smp client for my stress and let it run overnight.  You can check my cpu-z validation:

Well as I was typing this blog entry, my PC crashed lol so I bumped up Core voltage to 1.25v. Hopefully it will be stable. I guess I will see next morning ^^;;.