I got my first issue of PiQ last Thursday and I read or skimmed through the magazine to see what’s in it. Overall impression so far is pretty disappointing in comparison to NewType USA. The main article is about Appleseed Ex Machina which I have 0 interest in ^^;;.




Other sneak peeks include Avatar, Code Geass, Speed Racer, xxxHolic, Honey and Clover, Tweeny Witches, Crisis Core, Secret Invasion, Frisky Dingo and Terminator. I pretty much skipped all of those since I have no interest XD or I already watched them. The thing that bugs me the most is that PiQ tries to cover a lot of things which imho is a bad thing to do because it causes the magazine’s lack of focus. I thought it would be better if it’s anime/manga/japan related only contents.

I think newtypeUSA has better contents and extra stuff like posters, CDs, postcards, etc which I like although Newtype USA itself cannot keep up with its original NewType in term of contents. Most news are outdated especially for those who watch fansubs / latest anime. I think Dannychoo or other bloggers who reside in Japan provide better coverage of latest news in the anime industry.

As I skimmed through the magazine, guesssssss what ? I am not the only one disappointed. On the comments/feedbacks section, I clearly see some hate comments which is pretty obvious from the title. It includes the word ‘Sucks’ lol.



I am pretty much really disappointed with the content of PiQ and what a waste of money. I should have just disputed my credit card and got my money back -_-;;. At least Crayon Shinchan cheers me up a bit at the end of this issue.