Well…. not exactly a good day for me today. I got a ticket for speeding 24 km/h over the speed limit. I didn’t see the cop pointing his radar gun at me at all. He was nicely hidden >.>; at least now I know that I should be careful around that area.

Anyways, I learned from a friend that running folding@home is a better way to test for stability. So even though your overclock is a prime stable, it does not mean that it won’t crash when you are running folding client. I am going to run it overnight and see my current overclock(400×8) is stable.

On a side note, I messed around with my bios trying to get more from my CPU. I set the vcore to 1.2v with 450fsb x 8 multiplier. It posted but as soon as it started loading windows, it crashed (BSOD) and restarted /sigh. I tried to lower the timings on my ram from 4-4-4-15 to 5-5-5-15 with no luck then I reduce my FSB t0 420 and I still got BSOD.

My ram was trying to run at 840 MHz while it’s only rated at 800 MHz. Even with slower timings, I still got BSOD when booting to windows.I would really hate it if I have to get a new ram so I can overclock more :S as I am kinda broke this month.I have couple more things to try before I decide to get a new ram >.>. I am going to try to run at cas 6 so I should be able to get more MHz from my ram and if I can get 900MHz, I would be so happy.