Well, it’s been a year since I got my e4300 and it’s time for an upgrade :). It didn’t take me long to decide what CPU I was going to get. Originally, I was going to get Q9450 but stock is scarce so I went for Xeon X3350 which is basically the same as Q9450 but with lower voltage. I bought my X3350 from NCIX for less than $399 since I have a premier partner membership so I got a decent discount on x3350.

It took a while for my processor to get to me since I was being cheap and chose a free shipping which costed me 2500 NCIX point. Nice eh ? ^_^. I got the notice of delivery from canada post yesterday and quickly run to a canada post depot to pick it up. I was really itching to install it right away but I had to postpone it until tonight because I had other things to do. For myX3350, I got L803A756 batch and S-Spec: SLAX2 for those who are wondering. Pics of batch number are as below ^^.






Installation was a breeze and everything went smoothly (Been building couple PCs so I am used to it by now ^_^). It pays off having a Silverstone TJ-09 BW case because it has a removable motherboard tray and it makes my life easier when changing cpu, installing heatsink etc. In summary, I love my case ❤ <3. The whole process took less than 1 hour… not bad I guess :). Now, the moment of truth, I literally crossed my finger and hoping that it will boot for the 1st time. Luckily , it did …. phew ^^;;.

Quickly went to bios to overclock this bad boy to 3200 MHz. I used default voltage and change FSB to 400 with 8 multiplier. Well… that’s an easy overclock since it boots without any problems and I can load windows. Currently, I am doing stress test with Orthos. Idle temp is 37 42 42 37 C and load temp is 49 49 49 47 C. Those are reasonable temp in my opinion. I am going to let it run overnight for stability purpose but so far it’s looking good and stable.


 CPU-z Validation : http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=338968

I also ran 3dmark 2006 and got score of 101xx. It’s 1k increase from before and I think I can get more if I update my video card driver. One of these days, I will do it >.>. That pretty much sums up my Day 1 of X3350 overclocking. Tomorrow I am going to try to hit 3.5 GHz 😀