As you may already notice, I put a [Spoilers] tag as a warning for my readers since apparently,I ruined someone’s enjoyment with episode summaries containing spoilers :(. My summary may or may not contain spoilers so read it at your own risk :D.

Anyways, we are nearing the end of first season so the creator decided to ‘Lets kill couple more characters’ just for fun >.>. Well I guess it can be expected from a Gundam series for example, if we look back at Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny, many supporting characters die toward the end of series if I remember correctly.

Continuing from last episode, Lockon got killed ( Hurray!!!!!! ^_^ ) and Tieria blames on Setsuna because he was late due to his special mission. Fortunately, Sumeragi stops Tieria before things escalate further and give him a nice slap on teh face :D. Tieria needs to stop whinning honestly >.>.


Couple lost from last attack does not make the Union gives up easily. A reinforcement is on its way to help eradicating the Gundam Meisters. Meanwhile, at Ptolemy, everyone is busy fixing, repairing and maintaining the Gundams so they all are ready for the next attack. As expected, the combined forces of Union, HRL and AEU are coming on their way to Ptolemy. Unexpectedly, Alejandro comes with a mobile armor and shoots a long range beam. Ptolemy is heavily damaged on the side.






The next 10-15 minutes are full of actions from both sides so it’s better if you watch it instead of telling about it :D. Although at the end, Ptolemy got shot down and 2 of the crews die XD. On the other hand, Setsuna tries to break the mobile armor GN shield with no luck.