I had a really bad bad week >.>. I got sick on Sunday night and took 2 days off from work and I am not even fully recovered yet; I still cough like crazy , get a headache once in a while and last but not least, sore throat. Sore throat is probably my thing every time I catch a cold so I am so used to it by now. Couple sore throat medicines and chinese sore throat powder always do the job every time ^^.

Enough about me and my sickness, lets talk about D.Grayman Ep 75 : Clown and Auguste. A quick sneak peek from last episode, Lenalee is about to get pwned by Millenium Earl and Allen appears at the last minute to stop him. Lucky her, eh ? ^^. Soon after Allen and Earl engage in fearful one on one battle. Earl turns his umbrella into a big sword (hint: one of the exorcist will get similar sword later on ;p ).








After a while, Allen uses his Cross Grave attack on Earl, however , it has no effect on him. Earl laughs and says that they are going to continue their fight some other time; soon after, Earl throws a big ball of energy which causes a big explosion. Once the smoke from the explosion disappear, Earl and Noah are nowhere to be seen leaving the exorcists clueless.



The exorcists uses this time to heal their injuries and recovers. Lenalee is finally awake after being saved by Allen and she couldn’t be more happy to find out that Allen is still alive and thank him for all his effort to save Suman. Marshall Tiedoll recommends for the rest of exorcists to retreat since there are not many exorcists left in the world ,however,Allen and the rest want to keep moving forward. Tiedoll has no way but to accept their will.






The next day, everyone is preparing and getting ready to start their journey. In the middle of preparation, Lero creates a black hole and tries to suck Lenalee into it.