I have been busy all week with a big freelance project so no time to write an episode summary, although, I watched right after I downloaded it ^_______^. Episode 23 by Shinsen-subs is finally here and release on Tuesday as usual. Well… I have been hoping that one of main character gets killed since it nears the end of the first season. In this episode, my wish has been granted>Evil Grin<.

Aeolia Schenberg had prepared everything in advanced in case something happens to him. He left each original Gundams with the real solar reactor a Trans-Arm system and he erased all data about the Gundam Meisters from the Verda system. The Trans-Arm system is a double-edge sword. It does give a Gundam 3x more output, however, after reaching the time limit, the Gundam will run out of energy and only have enough for minimum usage until its solar energy has been recharged.



To prepare the upcoming encounters, the other 3 Gundams are being equipped with additional equipmets. Kyrios is added a Tail-Booster to increase manuvering ability and Dynames is equipped with GN-Armor. While Sumeragi and the 3 Meisters are having a discussion, they receive a message from Setsuna that a group of mobile suits with a immitation solar reactor are heading to Ptolemy. Kyrios and Virtue  go out while Dynames stays due to Lock-on injuries.



Kyrios and Virtue are overwhelmed by the amount enemies with similar mobile suits. Ali with his Gundam Throne broke into Virtue’s GN field and Virtue is bombarded by the rest of mobile suits. On the other hand, Kyrios is affected by the super soldier on one of the mobile suit since they both have similar wavelength of brainwaves. Its tail-booster got hit and Allelujah is forced to ditch the tail booster.





In this situation, Sumeragi orders the Meister to pull back, however, Lockon decides to go out and is going to attack the enemy ships with GN-Armor. Kyrios and Virtue use their Trans-Arm system and overwhelm the enemies easily. Meanwhile, Lockon manages to destroy 2 of the battleships and is about to shoot the third before he was stopped by Ali with his stolen Gundam Throne.







Ali and Lockon are on battle one on one. Ali has the advantage since Lockon lost his good eye for sniping. His hate over Ali completely took over him since he found out that Ali was the leader of KSPA who was responsible for the bombing in Ireland. As the battle goes on, Lockon has to admit a defeat to Ali. Dynames is half destroyed and Lockon abandons it to continue with his plan to kill Ali. Haro takes care of Dynames and brings it back to Ptolemy.






Lockon sets a trap for Ali by using Dynames guns and waits for him to come. Unfortunately Ali notices his presence from the radar and shoots him. Lockon wastes no time and shoots. The Throne got hit and somewhat damaged, however, Dynames’ Gun gets shoot and no longer usable. The gun blows up and kill Lockon.








2 more episodes to go before the end of season. Episode 24 just aired last night so subbed version should be coming out in 2-3 days :D. Below is episode 23 streaming from Veoh.com