My week won’t be completed without an episode of D.Gray-man. Shinsen-subs finally releases episode 74 right on schedule. Episode 74 was airing on March 11th, 2008 and Shinsen-subs released it on March 13th, 2008. 2 Days after the airing date is pretty damn fast. Huge props to D.Gray-man team @ Shinsen-subs ^_________^ for bringing in Episode 74 with such speed. This episode is equal to chapter 87 and 88 of the manga version.

Before I go on to episode summary, I have a confession to make…….. I cheated and read the manga all the way through as I couldn’t wait XD but it’s a fast reading so I might miss a lot of details. I stayed awake until 3 am in the morning reading chapters by chapters XD.

At the end of previous episode, Earl is releasing a black orb of energy in attempt to destroy Edo and all exorcists in it. Edo is completely annihilated , however, the exorcists somewhat survived. Miranda manages to pull her last strength to create a time barrier to protect the ship crew , on the other hand, Lenalee is saved again by her own innocence. Her innocence creates a crystal barrier around her and protects from the blast.








Seeing this rare occurence of innocence, Earl wastes no time and orders the noah’s clan and demons to grab the innocence which could possible be a ‘Heart’. Kanda meets again with his previous foe, Tyki and Lavi fights one on one with Skin Boric. Meanwhile, Miranda is busy healing Bookman and Crowry with her innocence.





The battle continues to turn into the worse. Skin Boric is too much for Lavi to handle and he is about to be crushed into a flat pancake but Marie joins the fight and holds Skin Boric with his wires. The big demon also heads toward toward Lenalee and her innocence but it’s stop by Marshall Tiedoll and his innocence which looks a giant doll XD.



Watching all her friends fighting desperately, Lenalee is crying and begging for her innocence to let her go. Unexpectedly, Earl suddenly comes and is ready to break Lenalee’s innocence into pieces. Kanda tries to save Lenalee but his power seems to be useless in the presence of Earl and not even a single breath after his attack is deflected, Tyki comes and continues his attack at Kanda.





Earl is ready to deliver his final blow at Lenalee and she is yelling for help , however, everyone is occupied by the demon and the Noah clan. Crown’s Clown hand suddenly appears from behind Lenalee and stops Earl. That’s right , Allen is back with his friends and ready to kick some butts.





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