Big thanks for Danny and readers at for mentioning about this clear glass cabinet in his post. I had been thinking of getting this for a while but finally last Thursday, I somewhat forced myself to drive to IKEA after work since I usually just want to go home after work and chill in front my computer. I got in and out from IKEA within like 20 minutes and I probably break some kind of record for the fastest shopping time ever at IKEA XD. Well… I know what to buy and where to get it so I just grab it and go to a cashier.

It’s all looking good so far since I got my cabinet and was hurry to go home and set it all up so I can put my figures in there. When I open the package, it turns out that there are 2 missing pieces -.- . Just my luck, eh? So I have to go back to IKEA the next day and get the rest of the missing parts.

Today, I assembled everything and the whole process took probably less than 30 minutes. Pretty easy to assemble, I think but 2 persons may be needed since the glass is pretty heavy so someone needs to hold them so you can put everything together. I putsome of my figures right away. As you may already notice, majority of my figures are from Fate series ^________^. Saber FTW ^_^b