Being in a HNM LS, one can never really evade/avoid this thing called ‘Drama’. An HNM leader(s) can basically come up with any friggin rules that he/she/they wants and there are still going to be a group of people that’s unsatisfied and claims that they are being treat unfairly.

In general, people want items and MOARRRRR items and greedy by nature including me of course. We always want more and more in everything including Real Life not just FFXI. If I can get MOAARRRR items without attending events or attending less items, I probably do it lol. I know it’s sad but that’s the truth. Luckily so far, I never really got caught into some big drama or some sort. I got some items which I think I earned it based on my attendance and of course there are probably people who don’t think so. Who knows , right ?. One thing for sure, I surely earned my RDM AF2 Hat with my attendance , however, since I got my AF2 hat, my attendance is getting worse just because I am lazy and I have nothing to look forward to XD. RDM AF2 is probably the pinnacle of my Dynamis career. It was not easy to get 5/5 on RDM AF2 and it’s surely a long road. Not to mention RDM AF2 hat is a rare drop in Dynamix-Xarcabard.

I am not fond of drama especially when I am part of it but for some weird reasons, I enjoy reading drama thread or emo live journal like what Cyrinah, my former HNM LS leader, posted in her journal. I have nothing against her or anything but I was just surprised when AJFA was disbanded and barely any clue of what was going on since at that time, my parents were here and I had not attended any events except dynamis.

Anyways, it’s all in the past, there is no point discussing it anymore :D.