Gundam OO Ep. 22 is finally here by Shinsen-subs. Little bit late than usual but it’s all good :D. At the end of last episode, Lockon got injured really bad because he was shielding Tieria from the enemy attack. I was hoping that he will die but it turns that he is pretty much alive and healthy except that he lost his good eye which he uses for snipping purpose. I guess main characters just don’t die easily.



Meanwhile, Tieria is sulking in the corner because Verda ditches him and he has no link with Verda which makes him pretty much useless or so he thought. And of course , he blames himself for what happened to Lockon.



Lisbon and Alejandro continues their hacking to Verda system. Lissbon has been able to break through level 6 so he just needs 1 more level to finally take control Verda.



After last failed attempt to kill the Thrones, HRL is getting ready for another Gundam pursuit. They destroyed their base in the last episode so now the Trinity siblings are on the run. Being in such disadvantages, Johann asks for help from Wang Liu Mei to get them to space. Unfortunately, they are little bit late as HRL is on their way already. The Thrones only have about 30% fuel left and they have to fight 9 GN-X. Seeing this, Johann told the rest not to waste resources carelessly. Of course, Michael blindly attacks the GN-X and his effort seems to be fruitless and then they decide to retreat XD.






The rest of Gundam Meisters are discussing what will be their next step since they have no more help from Verda. The attack on The Thrones is considered as a warfare which needs arms intervention so there he goes , Setsuna, flying to help the Trinity. Lasse Aeon tags along with Setsuna with the newly brought GN-arms. I have no idea what it does exactly. It looks like an airship but not really. By the name alone, it’s most likely an attachment but I haven’t seen it used so far.


The Trinity siblings manage to escape , however, they were surprised by Ali’s arrival which seem to be meant of good will. Knowing Ali with his craftiness, he shoots Michael while they are talking and Johann. Luckily Nena is on stand by and manages to escape and Johann is let go just to make things more interesting. Johann and Nena are surprised by Throne Zwei ridden by Ali. He manages to overwrite the code and hacks Throne Zwei. Ali easily defeats Throne Ein and is about to finish off Throne Drei but Exia comes to the rescue. At the same time, Lisbonn manages to clear level 7 and take control over Verda. It turns that Aeolia Schenberg had prepared counter measures in a case someone manages to break into security.








Exia and Throne Ein are engaged each other, however, Exia gets pushed back (because Ali has more experiences as a pilot ?) and the last moment when Ali is about to kill Setsuna , Exia receives a new power directly Verda who grants a new system to all Gundams that use GN Drive (I assume he is talking about the original GN-Drive not the imitation ones). Exia turns into all red which is the full power of the GN Drives. The new system is called Trans-Am system. Setsuna completely overwhelms Ali with his speed and agility and Ali is forced to retreat.




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