New updates that we all have been looking forward to are finally here. List of full updates is at POL website. This update focuses on the latest expansion: Wing of the Goddess. A lot of new areas and Dancer(DNC) + Scholar(SCH) updates are added. They finally added AF gears for DNC and SCH. I could careless with SCH as I didn’t even unlock the job yet. My DNC is currently level 20 so the new updates should get me started again on DNC :D.

As I suspected, they nerf /DNC curing waltz as it was little bit overpowered. I found the formula from BG forum.

Old was [yourCHR+targetVIT]/2+130 for Waltz 2
New appears to be: [yourCHR+targetVIT]/4+130

The real good news about this update is the new JA for SAM: “Sekkanoki”. What it does is limit the next ws to cost 100%tp. It’s like a mini Meikyo Shisui and with this, 2x Solo Light is possible:

Store TP to 200% and use Sekkanoki then go Yuki -> Gekko -> Meikyo Shisui -> Kasha -> Meditate -> Yuki -> Gekko -> Kasha. Moreover, Solo SC is really easy without using a Soboro and the change on SC resistance will add more to SAM’s DoT in merit pt or HNM events ( I think ).

Rumour has it that the new JA is for lvl 38++ ie can’t use it as a sub which makes sense because everyone can do solo SC -_- which somewhat takes away what SAM is good at originally XD.