D.Gray-man Ep. 73 is out by Shinsen-subs :D. You can grab it @ lolipower.org ^_^b. At the end of last episode, Marshal Tiedol , Kanda and Marie arrive at Edo. This episode is equal to manga chapter 87.

Lavi is still fighting with Tyki and desperately trying to land a single hit, on the other hand, Tyki is just playing with Lavi and evading left and right as if he is nothing. Lavi uses multiple hammer seals but no luck on getting a hit on Tyki.



Meanwhile, Bookman and Krory work together trying to take down one of the 2 giants, but their effort seems to be futile. All their attacks are useless and there are not even a scratch XD. Lenalee and the others can’t do much since she is still injured and the rest is not an exorcist. All they can do is just defending with Miranda’s innocence, however, Miranda’s limit is getting near. Evil Star Gita is just too much for her to handle.




Finally, Miranda’s defense is broken down and her barrier is no more. Seeing this, Tyki goes after the Lenalee’s group and Lavi tries to catch with him. Tyki successfully takes Lenalee into his hostage. Just when Tyki is about to finish her, Kanda appears from bottom with his sword but Tyki is quick enough to evade it. Kanda does not let Tyki to take a breath as he keeps on attacking and putting pressure on Tyki to let her go but Tyki defense really well while holding Natalie. After multiple attacks, Tyki gets pushed back to the wall and forces to let Lenalee go but he gets her back right away XD.





On the other side of town, Marie comes at the right time to save Bookman and Crowry who are about to be crushed into pancakes by the giant. Marie easily ties the giant down with his wire and Kanda finishes it off. Seeing this, Millenium Earl is not going to let exorcists be on their way. Earl is trying to destroy the whole Edo in one swoop.