Every episode is getting better and better in my opinion. In earlier episodes, the gundams are pretty much overpowered and can beat the crap outta other mobile suits. However, Lagna Harvey brought 30 new mobile suits equipped with an imitation of GN Drive so both side are pretty much equal.

Continuing from last episode, Kitsune got killed by Ali and Saji was asked to confirm the identity of his sister at the corpse room XD. Pretty sad view for us to see considering what Saji had to go through with Louise and now his sister is dead…… Emoooooooooo Moments…………….XD.





Meanwhile, Alejandro and Lisbon are continuing their infiltration at the Veda’s base. Lisbon ,who has similar power as Tieria, is hacking and trying to break Veda’s security. While in the process, he gave Alejandro some interesting information about Harvey Lagna who merely just a pawn for them. Since they have no use for him anymore, he is terminated ie. assassinated at his own palace.



Sumeragi, the tactical and strategy planner, has prepared a counter-measure for their own protection. She asked her subordinates Christina and Feldt to design a new Gundam OS completely separated from Veda so they will have a backup incase something wrong with Veda. After long tireless hours, Christina and Feldt finish the new OS.





Soon after, their radar detects 19 mobile suits coming toward their ship. All 4 Gundams are deployed to assault the combined army of Union and AEU. The new mobile suits with GN drive managed to destroy Virtue’s GN field with no hassle at all and Dynames’ rifle. In the middle of battle, the gundam system is shut down by Alejandro who is at Verda’s HQ. Seeing this Sumeragi told Feldt and Christina to use their home-made backup OS which works perfectly, however, something is wrong with Virtue which unable to power-up back. The Gundams are being suppressed by the enemies and they try to take on the defenseless Virtue. Patrick Colasour finally breaks their defense line and goes straight to Virtue. At the last moment, Dynames shields in front of Virtue but it’s broken through and Lockon got injured really bad (or die ? who knows XD). Luckily , Lasse comes at the perfect time and saves the Gundam Meisters with a GN arm ( I think).







At the same time, HLR squad is on their way to Trinity’s HQ, however, they are caught off guard by Throne’s Eins long range beam and it destroys one of the mobile suits.