Wooooottttt…….. D.Gray-man Ep. 72 is out ^_^. This episode is pretty decent and has quite a few action scenes. It basically shows Lavi’s group fight with the Millenium Earl and the Noah clan at the capital (Teito Kessen, 帝都決戦) . This episode is the same manga chapter 86 for those who are wondering.





Lavi is fighting one on one with Tyki of the Noah Clan, who has the ability to go through any objects. If you remembered on the earlier episode when Allen lost his innocence. that’s basically how Tyki tried to kill Allen or killed the other exorcists. Up until now, no one can really match fairly with Tyki, however, Lavi somewhat can keep up with Tyki but not for long.




Meanwhile, Millenium Earl is mad because of surprise attack by the exorcist and the tip of his clothes is burned by Lavi’s hammer so he combined all demons around and create 2 big demons. The 2 demons can use Evil Star Gita, an all out attack, which destroys everything nearby. The exorcists tries to put up a fight, however, they are totally powerless because they are just too strong and not to mention, the most of them are injured.

The 2 big akumas’ weakness are on their heard so Lavi, Bookman and Krory try to come up with a plan. Unfortunately, the plan forces them to sacrifice Chomesuke in the process, however, they manage to get their head down for short period of time. Seeing this, Tyki prevents them from attacking the two giants.






While the fight is happening, Kanda, Noise Marie and General Tiedoll arrives at Edo and are looking at the fight scene between the exorcist and the demons. At the same time, Allen successfully enters the Ark which is totally a difference place than the one he thought before. It’s nothing like a scary place or anything but in fact, it looks like a nice city/town.