I have been slacking off with my episode summary XD recently. I already watched the episode last monday and finally have time to write about it today ^^;. In addition, I am getting hooked up with japanese drama; I finished 3 series already within the past 5 days and losing sleep in return lol.

This episode is ok. It mainly talks about the newly formed alliance of the Union, the Human Reformation League(HRL) and the AEU and the new mobile suits with GN drives. As a counter measure, Sumeragi is getting the GN arms which I have no idea what it is.





As hinted in previous episode, there is a traitor in Celestial Being organization and the culprit is most likely Harvey Lagna. There are 30 new mobile suits with GN drives and they are divided equally within the alliance. Each nation will choose its top 10 pilots for the mobile suits. Alker from the Union of course refuses to pilot it because he promised to Howard that he will beat Gundams with a Flag.



Meanwhile, Ali is in the meeting with Lagna Harvey to discuss the distribution of the mobile suits equipped with GN drive, GN-X. In addition ,he wants one of the unit but Lagna couldn’t grant his request then he wants Lagna to put him in a military of either Union or AEU. There are only one reason why he wants to be in a war…. well maybe 2 reasons. First, he likes war and secondly, he has some paybacks to do with Setsuna.



Just outside, Kitsune Crossroad is stalking Lagna Harvey and she is trying to get some information from Ali which is totally a bad idea because Ali kills her after giving out some information.




On the other hand, Trinity siblings receives a new misision from Lagna which will happen in 3 days. The siblings were surprised by the appearance of Wang Liu Min and Hong-Long at their place. Wang Liu-Min offers her assistance as an agent of Celestial Being and states that she doesn’t pick either side and only follows the ideals that Aeolia Schenberg advocated.



Trinity siblings are finally on the move for their mission of destroying HRL base. At the beginning, they seem to get everything under control and destroy everything until 10 GN-X units appear and beat the crap of them XD.



Surprisingly, Alejandro is one of the bad guys and his family has been trying to overthrone Veda for centuries. He got a help from Libbons Almark who has similar power as Tieria and Nena. Both of them are going to Veda’s place which is located on the moon. By using Libbons’ power, Alejandro can easily access any information from Veda.