This episode introduces the snow girl, Shirayuki which would be chapter 19 in the manga version. The Newspaper club has gained recent success due to last incident and everyone at school wants their newspaper. To celebrate their success, Moka suggests to hold a party so all of them are going to stores to buy beverages and snacks. Gin-senpai already fled of somewhere to harass more girls O_O. Suddenly a girl (Shirayuki) appears out of nowhere and says that she likes the newspaper articles that Tsukune wrote.




Shirayuki has taken a liking on Tsukune (who doesn’t XD since he is surrouned by 3 girls already) so she doesn’t like a fact that Tsukune likes Moka. She thought Tsukune is a roner just like her and that he could understand her feeling. At the same time, she sends an ice doll to attack Moka. Fortunately, Mikuru comes and saves Moka at the right time; both of them flies off to save Tsukune, however, they got cornered by Shirayuki’s power and when Shirayuki tries to finish off Moka, Tsukune comes forward in between and protects Moka. Seeing this makes Shirayuki cries and runs away.








Kotsubo-sensei found Shirayuki crying behind a bush, meawhile, Tsukune, Kurumu and Moka catch a cold from falling in the lake and somewhat still hold their newspaper success celebration ( by sneezing lol). Nekonome sensei comes and delivers a bad news that Shirayuki has attacked Kotsubo-sensei. Tsukune of course found it hard to believe, however, seeing Kotsube-sensei badly injured in the infirmary changes his opinion and he offers his help to find Shirayuki.



After Tsukune left, Ginei-senpai comes and brings a gutsy scoop. It turns out that Kotsube-sensei attacked Shirayuki and she just tried to defend herself. Since Tsukune got it all wrong, it saddened Shirayuki even more and she went berserk and tried to bury everyone with ice. Unconsciously, she created a couple of ice dolls which she has no control over it. Moka ran to save Tsukune and somehow, he ‘accidentally’ pulled the Cross that surpress Moka’s real form. Moka destroyed all the dolls and kicked Shirayuki really hard for being stupid. All in all, the fight ended in 86 seconds as the bat said so XD.






I couldn’t find the youtube link for subbed version so here is the link to Crunchy Roll