Well this episode is pretty much boring after the last one. The Asian branch is cleaning up the mess caused by the demon and they examine Allen’s body to make sure that he is ok, although, Allen seems to have the same appetite as before lol ^_^. Allen’s synchronization level with his innocence has reached 100% due to last incident. I guess losing his innocence and getting it back does something to reach 100%.





The dimensional transporter, Noah Ark, left behind by the lvl 3 demon is being examined so Allen can use it to travel to Edo. Meanwhile, the headquarter is as busy as ever analyzing data on the Noah Ark. Komui tells everyone at the HQ that Allen’s Innocence has been restored and everyone is very happy to hear that and work even harder to prepare the Noah Ark.



After much analyzing, Komui deemed that the Noah Ark is too dangerous due to a lot of uncertain variables, thus, Komui will go along with Allen and will stop Allen from going further if it’s getting too dangerous. After all the preparation, Allen is set to use the Noah Ark and says goodbye to Fou.